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nope, it's straight into the back of the computer
It comes back to having the option - don't drop the 12", but I for one would love a smaller lighter alternative. With wireless networking you're no longer cut off from the world without an optical drive. I reckon all forms of local media will be obsolete in a few years, everyone will store their data on remote servers and access it online when it's needed. The iDisk is just the beginning of something far greater as wireless gets faster and broader. 95% of the...
I use a 23" at work and find it prone to ghosting. Images remain for around 10 seconds after they're moved. Don't know if this is inherrant across the line, or peculiar to my monitor.
again, it doesn't seem you can store street addresses on the z600. Such an obvious omission which would be incredibly useful. Doesn't really live up to the 'all set for Apple' tagline.
will upload an actual image from my HD to AI?
How do I post an image with a reply?
anyone noticed the mistake on the Store's G5 page? Edit: ah they caught it. Had an old "Choose your Power Mac G3" gif up.
oh, I got it - 'Get Info' and 'change all'. good.
For instance, is there any way to tell the Finder to open all PICT files in Photoshop, or all PDF files in Illustrator?
How do you change the default application for opening a file in OSX?
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