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For instance, is there any way to tell the Finder to open all PICT files in Photoshop, or all PDF files in Illustrator?
How do you change the default application for opening a file in OSX?
Is there still a way to shutdown/startup at a specific time in OSX like there was in 9?
yeah, I remember those. 30" is a bit big for my desktop though. I use the Apple 23" at some places I work and reckon one more inch of physical size and another 600x350 res would do it for me
well, I thought 'monitor' = hardware and 'on the horizon' = future, so ended up here... but I'm interested in flat panel displays... what's the technology up to these days?
I've been waiting to get a new flat panel display for a while now, but in order to upgrade I need a significanlty larger resolution than the 1600x1200 I'm currntly using. Whilst 1900x1200 is a little better, I'm a video/after effects junkie and need more vertical res for my windows and timelines. Anything on the horizon to make me happy? (and I don't just mean Apple, 'cos I rather like that Sony SDM-P232)
so I trashed the prefs and it's still happening. It's much worse since I updated to this latest version today.
I'm kinda new to X, would that be the 'com.apple.safari.plist' file?
I know it's still beta, but does anyone else find Safari unexpectedly quits often? It disappears at least 10 times a day on me.
yup, it's 52x media but I'll try updating to Toast 5.2.1.. Any advice on getting the Plexwriter recognized in the Finder?
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