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Is there still a way to shutdown/startup at a specific time in OSX like there was in 9?
yeah, I remember those. 30" is a bit big for my desktop though. I use the Apple 23" at some places I work and reckon one more inch of physical size and another 600x350 res would do it for me
well, I thought 'monitor' = hardware and 'on the horizon' = future, so ended up here... but I'm interested in flat panel displays... what's the technology up to these days?
I've been waiting to get a new flat panel display for a while now, but in order to upgrade I need a significanlty larger resolution than the 1600x1200 I'm currntly using. Whilst 1900x1200 is a little better, I'm a video/after effects junkie and need more vertical res for my windows and timelines. Anything on the horizon to make me happy? (and I don't just mean Apple, 'cos I rather like that Sony SDM-P232)
so I trashed the prefs and it's still happening. It's much worse since I updated to this latest version today.
I'm kinda new to X, would that be the 'com.apple.safari.plist' file?
I know it's still beta, but does anyone else find Safari unexpectedly quits often? It disappears at least 10 times a day on me.
yup, it's 52x media but I'll try updating to Toast 5.2.1.. Any advice on getting the Plexwriter recognized in the Finder?
it's 5.1.2
I just got a Plextor 52X CD burner... except in Toast it only gives me a max 40x - why is that? And is there a way to use it with Disc Burner in the Finder?
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