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So Panther won't work well with every other G4 in existence already? Great. "Internal technical tweaks" sound different to firmware updates...
hey, you're right - I just popped it off. And it looks fine (the tray is black too!)
guess what, I just spoke with Plextor tech support to make sure if I did that I wouldn't void any warranty and they said *unofficially* it was ok. So I guess I'll be filing for the rest of the evening.
ok, so I just installed the drive, but it doesn't fit! The tray is too high for the door cover by about 2mm because of the curved corner shape of the slot, so it won't eject. I tried it in both upper and lower bays, but both the same. Damn!?!!
I'm installing a second CD-RW drive in my Daul 1.42 It's a 52x PlexWriter, and I'm wondering if I should switch position with the DVD drive, which is much slower (16x).
Which MDD model is that? I have the dual 1.42 and though the fan isn't always loud, it regularly makes a knocking or low rattling sound which gets very annoying.
...I couldn't find any reference to media type. Where would I change it?
yup, that's what I did and it didn't work. It previews ok within iDVD, but doesn't play when I burn the disc. Hence my question about the media - do I have to use Apple x4 discs?
I'm not having any problems with FCP - the movie I export plays back fine in Quicktime. It's making a DVD from it that's the problem.
I'm new to creating DVD's, and can't seem to get it right. I have a x4 drive - does this mean I have to use x4 media? I'm also confused what kind of quicktime file I should be creating it from. I have my showreel as MJPEG A in FCP and want to maintain the highest possible quality. I've read somewhere I should convert it to DV, but that's going to look rubbish. I want to go directly from my MJPEG A media. I've tried exporting a FCP movie and dropping it into iDVD,...
New Posts  All Forums: