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it's Darth Vader's iPod
but firewire cables have finally become commonplace. Nearly everyone I know has at least one, and if I turn up anywhere I can be pretty certain there'll be a cable I can connect my drive with. So right now I don't have to carry a cable with me.
That Belkin thing is nowhere near as elegant and cool as the iTrip
so you have to buy the cable seperately? Regardless of which, it's just *another* cable to have to carry/remember/lose... So much for simplifying life...
iTrip: http://www.griffintechnology.com/products/itrip/
does anyone know if the *just* release iTrip will still fit these?
95% of people I work with have at least one firewire cable lying around, even if they have to unplug one of their own drives.
Think I'd rather get the old 20gb model. At least it has a regular FW port - like we really need another connector type? It just means you have to always have the new cable on you if you want to charge it or use it as a portable drive :-(
The new connectors suck - I'd want to use it as a portable hard drive as well, but now I'll always have to have that twin cable in my pocket and not be able to just use a firewire cable that someone has lying around wherever I'm going :-(
So i formatted with "zero all data" and then ran Norton. Same report still.
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