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I'm not having any problems with FCP - the movie I export plays back fine in Quicktime. It's making a DVD from it that's the problem.
I'm new to creating DVD's, and can't seem to get it right. I have a x4 drive - does this mean I have to use x4 media? I'm also confused what kind of quicktime file I should be creating it from. I have my showreel as MJPEG A in FCP and want to maintain the highest possible quality. I've read somewhere I should convert it to DV, but that's going to look rubbish. I want to go directly from my MJPEG A media. I've tried exporting a FCP movie and dropping it into iDVD,...
yep, I've tried all sorts of memory configs. Currently running on 2 chips from Crucial, but whether I used the original one from Apple, the free one from MacMall or the Crucials (both or singly) I had the same problems. All HD's are connected internally.
I'd just like to be able to view files listed by date from the 'open' dialogue box again....
I called AppleCare, but they blamed everything except the Mac. I work in video graphics, so have a lot of extra stuff on the machine. It's impossible for me to spend any time working without the various boards/drives/drivers installed. As it's happening less often now, I'll just put up with it until the 970's out. And I spoke to a guy at the genius bar in Apple's SoHo store. He suggested tightening the fan's screws.
Looks like I'm the unlucky one here then. I got a dual 1.42 in March and for the first week had around 3 kernal panics a day until I wiped the disk and clean installed the OS. Now I reguarly have apps unexpectedly quit on me, perpetually spinning beach balls that I need to force quit the app from, and sometimes complete freezes that require a hard restart with the power button. And the fan rattles.
I have a showreel on DVD That I'm trying to re-edit in FCP, the original tapes and files of which are almost impossible to track down. How can I extract the material into a quicktime format that I can get into a FCP timeline? I've tried forty-two (which I can't seem to make an editable file from) and OSEx 0.0110a1 which keeps quitting on me when I try to save the file destination. Are there any alternatives or updates?
Nope, still chrome.
it's Darth Vader's iPod
but firewire cables have finally become commonplace. Nearly everyone I know has at least one, and if I turn up anywhere I can be pretty certain there'll be a cable I can connect my drive with. So right now I don't have to carry a cable with me.
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