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What's a cheap but reliable make of DVD 4x media?
you heard right, Luca - I used my new computer for 3 days as Apple shipped it and had 4 kernal panics, loads of unexpected quits and several complete freezes that couldn't be force quit and had to restart the machine. The clean install seems to have helped, but so far I'm still finding OS X less stable and predictable than good old 9.2 (!)
I'm running 10.2.4, 1.5 gb RAM (original Apple 512mb + 2x512mb from Crucial) on a new dual 1.42. So far, IE 5.2 has quit 3 times, Final Cut Pro 3.0.4 has just quit on me, After Effects 5.5 vanished yesterday... And I've done a clean re-install of the system on a totally clean HD.
I'm having strange problems with the external speakers I have hooked up to my dual 1.42 machine. OS 10.2.4, 1.5gb RAM. Cambiridge Soundworks speakers. I have an Aurora Igniter card with seperate audio outputs which don't seem to be affected. The sound will periodically cut out, and not come back unless I remove and replace the audio jack in the back of the computer. Final Cut Pro seems to interfere especially when iTunes is playing, and After Effects sporadically...
yup, i installed the 3 backbone files as instructed. Is the Terminal message I copied above at least a result of try to extract from the correct file?
When I try the VIDEO_TS.VOB file (the largest on the disc) this is the result in the Terminal: Encoding started on Mon Mar 24 11:25:43 EST 2003 usage: movtoy4m -w width -h height -F a:b -a a:b [-s] [-o ppm/y4m] movie.mov example: movtoy4m -w 352 -h 288 -F 25:1 -a 4:3 pal_normal.mov example: movtoy4m -w 352 -h 240 -F 30000:1001 -a 16:9 ntsc_wide.mov **ERROR: [mpeg2enc] Could not read YUV4MPEG2 header: system error (failed read/write)! a52dec-0.7.4 - by Michel...
Thanks A@ron... Which file do I choose to encode? It won't let me choose the whole disc.
Looks like OSeX is what I'm after, but it unexpectedly quits every time I choose the folder to copy the files to. I'm running 10.2.4 with 1.5gb RAM on a dual 1.42
I have a showreel on DVD that I need to re-edit, but don't have all my original files. Is there anything out there which will extract DVD video & audio tracks into a straight Quicktime file that could be dropped into a Final Cut timeline?
I can't get Entourage to access my Hotmail account at all in OSX, despite checking the account settings. I have a Timewarner Roadrunner cable modem. Entourage deals fine with my .mac email, but when I try to log on to Hotmail, I get error: the hotmail folder could not be received. Explanation: HTTP error. The server cannot fulfill the request. All my account settings are exactly as before.
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