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I'm having strange problems with the external speakers I have hooked up to my dual 1.42 machine. OS 10.2.4, 1.5gb RAM. Cambiridge Soundworks speakers. I have an Aurora Igniter card with seperate audio outputs which don't seem to be affected. The sound will periodically cut out, and not come back unless I remove and replace the audio jack in the back of the computer. Final Cut Pro seems to interfere especially when iTunes is playing, and After Effects sporadically...
yup, i installed the 3 backbone files as instructed. Is the Terminal message I copied above at least a result of try to extract from the correct file?
When I try the VIDEO_TS.VOB file (the largest on the disc) this is the result in the Terminal: Encoding started on Mon Mar 24 11:25:43 EST 2003 usage: movtoy4m -w width -h height -F a:b -a a:b [-s] [-o ppm/y4m] movie.mov example: movtoy4m -w 352 -h 288 -F 25:1 -a 4:3 pal_normal.mov example: movtoy4m -w 352 -h 240 -F 30000:1001 -a 16:9 ntsc_wide.mov **ERROR: [mpeg2enc] Could not read YUV4MPEG2 header: system error (failed read/write)! a52dec-0.7.4 - by Michel...
Thanks A@ron... Which file do I choose to encode? It won't let me choose the whole disc.
Looks like OSeX is what I'm after, but it unexpectedly quits every time I choose the folder to copy the files to. I'm running 10.2.4 with 1.5gb RAM on a dual 1.42
I have a showreel on DVD that I need to re-edit, but don't have all my original files. Is there anything out there which will extract DVD video & audio tracks into a straight Quicktime file that could be dropped into a Final Cut timeline?
I can't get Entourage to access my Hotmail account at all in OSX, despite checking the account settings. I have a Timewarner Roadrunner cable modem. Entourage deals fine with my .mac email, but when I try to log on to Hotmail, I get error: the hotmail folder could not be received. Explanation: HTTP error. The server cannot fulfill the request. All my account settings are exactly as before.
ok, RAM installed by MacMall - it was a freebie 512mb. I have 2 other internal drives installed, one 120gb and one 180gb, both Western Digital Caviar.
OS 10.2.4, 2x512mb ram
So my new Dual 1.42 arrived after 7 weeks wait. Finally I can retire my old 400mhz G4 and go flying with the new machine. Well, so far nothing but problems... I'm constantly seeing that damn beach ball, when I switch between programs sometimes for 30 seconds before it'll let me back in, and when I start up a program (After Effects takes twice as long to load as on the old 400mhz machine). Sometimes I just get the ball, it won't go away and I have to force...
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