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The length of the cable really bugs me. I have my machine on the floor under my desk and have to connect it via a USB hub. Reckon Apple could add an extra few inches, it feels like a relic from the Cube days. And when are we going to get a power key back on the keyboard?
Which takes us back to the question - when Apple will use all that space below the keyboard for a drawing tablet...
[quote]Originally posted by msantti: Maybe this: I think I could live with a screen like that. [ 02-02-2003: Message edited by: msantti ]
yup, right now the only 23" screen I'd buy would be the Sony SDM-P232. I don't like Apple's current enclosures at all, all that clear plastic doesn't do it for me. It's plastic, and it looks like plastic. 2" worth of el cheapo plastic all round.
I've just installed 10.2 from 9, how do I keep my playlists and library intact from version 2? There's not enough room on my disk for iTunes to copy the entire library when it asks the first time I open 3 (is it really duplicating everything at this point?) and I now have none of my previous playlists... Surely there's an easy way of doing this?!
...and it's version 5.1 is there something I should be downloading from somewhere?
I've got a SmartDisk VST firewire cd-rw hooked up to my G4, but Toast won't recognize it. Discburner works fine, so does iTunes. any ideas anyone?
Doesn't mean to say (mp4 ) video isn't in the pipeline. FW2 and better battery life don't seem too much to ask for in the near future...
I'm trying to work out how much a complete 9600/300mhz system is worth, 6PCI slots, 256mb RAM, 4gb HD, internal cd/zip, 2 monitors (apple 17" & sony 15"), laserwriter NT, 18gb external scsi, wacom A5, 1gb jaz, scanner, blackhawk joystick, Quark 3.1, Commotion 1.5 (It might include a Media 100 XS card/software if I decide to get a new card for my G4) All in lovely mint condition. Please tell me it's more than £5.
is there another link, or anyone got any other ideas?
check out Virgin Radio, UK commercial radio station that streams. It does have a few too many ads, but I used to listen to it on FM when I lived in London and it reminds me of home ('Pete & Geoff' 4pm-8pm GMT have the best slot)
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