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ok, it doesn't have to be 5mm, but it doesn't have to be 2 inches either... It doesn't seem to pose a problem for other display manufaturers.
I could absolutely do with that resolution, just scale the screen size down a bit. They could start by losing that hefty frame around the LCD, it looks ugly. If they can produce a 5mm border on a powerbook, why not a desktop display?
I've transfered all my Entourage files and settings from OS9 to X, but I can't connect to my Hotmail account. Also, how do I import my Explorer bookmarks into Safari? [ 03-14-2003: Message edited by: jasonfj ]

A few goes later I got it... Copy all FCP files from the Application Support folder and the Preferences from your old OS 9 machine across to the System Folder (Classic) on your new machine, as well as the earlier version of FCP. Then when you update it, all the reference files are there.
I'm having the same problem with the dual 1.42 I just got. I have original v1.2 installer disc and the v3 updater disc which was ok on my old G4. I've tried everything, from a straight copy to installing the first version on a firewire drive with OS 9.2 and plugging that into my new machine, but the updater still won't recognize it. It's driving me nuts.
um, aren't the pictures the wrong way round on the link?
I ordered a new dual 1.42 three weeks ago and I'm trying hard not to expect anything for another month (but desperately hoping it might be sooner...) The guy at macmall said he'd humor me by saying 6 weeks to ship. Ordering a new mac is worse than sending off for something on the back of a cereal packet (when 28 days really was a lifetime away) [Hmmm]
The length of the cable really bugs me. I have my machine on the floor under my desk and have to connect it via a USB hub. Reckon Apple could add an extra few inches, it feels like a relic from the Cube days. And when are we going to get a power key back on the keyboard?
Which takes us back to the question - when Apple will use all that space below the keyboard for a drawing tablet...
[quote]Originally posted by msantti: Maybe this: I think I could live with a screen like that. [ 02-02-2003: Message edited by: msantti ]
yup, right now the only 23" screen I'd buy would be the Sony SDM-P232. I don't like Apple's current enclosures at all, all that clear plastic doesn't do it for me. It's plastic, and it looks like plastic. 2" worth of el cheapo plastic all round.
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