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ok, I was a click away from buying a dual 1.25 today, but FW2 would make a big difference to me as a heavy video user. If I didn't wait till Jan 2003/4/5, would there be an upgrade option to my machine when it's finally available?
the only practical way to include a tablet on the powerbook is to enhance the trackpad area. For one thing Photoshop users need the keyboard for shortcuts, and hiding the keyboard limits all sorts of other applications. As for entering data, have you sat and 'written' with a stylus for more than 10 seconds? After the novelty wears off it's a pain in the backside, and ultimately slower than a keyboard. However, a drawing surface below the keyboard would be flippin'...
got my T68i a week ago and still working out how to customize it how I like. For one, can you stop the thing going to the annoying (and ugly) 'jumping clock' whenever it's left alone for a minute? Sometimes I just want to glance down and check the signal strength or battery, but to do so I have to press a button and fire it up. very irritating, and SLOW. (BTW got a great deal on the phone - $99 from bestbuy on 23rd St)
but I even find the aqua folders nasty, they look weak and washed out - all that shading, drop shadows and airbrushing everywhere. give me a break. 9 looked solid.
ok, I can see why Apple want a consistant look, and why it can be seen as a branding device. Unfortunately Aqua is a very consumer-looking interface. They should offer one 'pro' option alongside which does away with the childish embelishments. Simple as that.
so just to check, using Conundrumsoft's Duality shouldn't compromise the OS? [Hmmm]
When I go into a shop to buy something, the design is way up on the list. Which is exactly why I fell in love with Apple to start with, and now the interface I fell for is being taken away from me and I don't like what I'm being offered in it's place. What do I do? Switch...?
yeah, that's a bit better - still a bit heavy on the airbrush for me, but at least monochromatic...
seems to me aqua was designed to grab the attention of non-apple users, and they haven't considered many of their users -designers - who don't want brightly colored candy buttons and stripes gettig in the way of the images they're working with. It's a step backwards, professionally. (Also, is there any way of getting pop-up tabbed windows at the bottom of the screen again?)
is there any way to change OSX aqua? and is there one that looks like OS9?
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