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ok, I can see why Apple want a consistant look, and why it can be seen as a branding device. Unfortunately Aqua is a very consumer-looking interface. They should offer one 'pro' option alongside which does away with the childish embelishments. Simple as that.
so just to check, using Conundrumsoft's Duality shouldn't compromise the OS? [Hmmm]
When I go into a shop to buy something, the design is way up on the list. Which is exactly why I fell in love with Apple to start with, and now the interface I fell for is being taken away from me and I don't like what I'm being offered in it's place. What do I do? Switch...?
yeah, that's a bit better - still a bit heavy on the airbrush for me, but at least monochromatic...
seems to me aqua was designed to grab the attention of non-apple users, and they haven't considered many of their users -designers - who don't want brightly colored candy buttons and stripes gettig in the way of the images they're working with. It's a step backwards, professionally. (Also, is there any way of getting pop-up tabbed windows at the bottom of the screen again?)
is there any way to change OSX aqua? and is there one that looks like OS9?
I tried going to virtualtuner.com but it won't load....
Is there any way of getting tv, particularly British in my case, on the net in the same way as radio? Is there any subscription service, or even illegal way of getting it, since I can imagine the licencing issues involved. Basically I want to hack into the BBC and C4's transmission feed. ? [ 09-25-2002: Message edited by: jasonfj ]

I really don't like Aqua. The folder shading is horrible and all that pinstripe and brushed metal is ugly. And is there any way of bringing back pop-up folders at the base of the screen?
ok, this might be the decider - I can hear something loose rattling around inside the case when I tilt it. Sounds like a small screw of something. I'm guessing I shouldn't be hearing that...?
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