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Since I installed Lion, Screen Sharing is so slow it's practically unusable. On my local WiFi network, it feels like dialup. Cursor disappears, incredibly slow response time. It was working fine on Snow Leopard. Anyone else noticed this?
I've installed Lion on both my MacBook Pros, and now I'm having font problems in Safari. I'm getting screens of letter 'A' in boxes instead of the text. On my older MBP (2009 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo) the problem is really bad - all web pages fail to display properly. My newer 2011 2.2 i7 has the problem only on some pages. How can I solve this conflict?
I suspect the lack of 'Log and capture' has more to do with the way tape based media is heading. I haven't edited from tape in about 2 years. I am, however, upset that I can't open previous FCP projects when iMovie is supported.
I'm not relying on any one source of information or opinion. Just interested in factual clarification. And so to another question - what constitutes 'long term'?
Can you explain the capital gains situation? I have AAPL that I'm thinking of selling in the next few months but I'm not very enlightened on CG taxes... thanks in advance
How can I make a Google search default to listing most recent results first? Seems every time I go bak the sort order is random.
My bedroom Airport Express N is about 20ft from my Mini and N router but the audio cuts out sometimes as often as every 2.5 mins for as much as 10 seconds. Sometimes it'll go for about 30 mins, but then drop out randomly. I'm up to date on all my software/OS 10.6.6, Firmware 7.5.2 I happens whether I'm using AirPlay, or Airfoil. Are there any solutions?
iCal has suddenly stopped syncing with my MobileMe account. There's an alert icon next to the account name on the left and clicking it brings up 'unexpected network error 60'
I want to see the time of an event in Month View, but iCal also displays the date next to it. How do I hide the date but keep the time?
Anyone explain why the screen bezel is silver not black? \ I'd be more interested in a black bezel.
New Posts  All Forums: