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and, er, will it say that on the box?
it is a tower - so I can go down to Circuit City and get a drive off the shelf, even though it doesn't have MacOS on the box?
I want to replace my G4's internal CD with a CD-RW (or CD/DVD-R but they seem too expensive right now),and also install another large/fast hard drive to use for video. What should I be looking for? Can I install any IDE drives? [ 06-20-2002: Message edited by: jasonfj ]

I have Toast Platinum - how do I set up a mix cd with it?
I'm looking for something that will let me quickly lay mp3's along a timeline with various length crossfades, then burn it to a cd in audio format with the mixes. I thought the crossfade in iTunes would, but it doesn't lay down the mixes when burning.
it's an older 400mhz G4 with an internal cd/dvd. all my pci slots are full though [ 06-06-2002: Message edited by: jasonfj ]

I'm after an inexpensive internal cd-rw drive, decent speed, but not firewire. anyone have any suggestions?
After 5 years of using AE, the collapse switch still gets me - when I bring a comp with 3-D continuously rasterized eps's into another comp, zoom in and try to continously rasterize it messes up. How? Why? Help.
What's the actual, real world difference between the clock speeds of the various G's? For instance, how much faster was a 300mhz G3 than, say, a 300Mhz 9600 PPC. or a 400Mhz G4 than a G3? [Skeptical]
so we're talking clockwork mice then?!
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