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There's a place called 'Wale's Vagina'?!
I currently have a Flash website, but keen to start thinking ahead. I predominantly built it in Flash because I understood the authoring tool, and found HTML/Dreamweaver too confusing and technical. My background is video/effects, so the Flash timeline came naturally. My question is - what if any authoring tools are available or coming for HTML5? Seems like a good opportunity for Apple to come up with a great visual, professional but easy to use application to promote...
I assume it installed for my Canon 7d to display the files from that camera. Haven't yet had chance to see if it works ok without it.
One detail I noticed was the home button seems positioned slightly too low. It's closer to the bottom of the unit, and when inside the Apple case it's right against the edge - in fact slightly below depending on how you insert the iPad.
There seems to be a conflict with the Canon h264 codec - it's crashing iTunes when I try to sync my iPad. Don't have any problem with my iPhone. report details: Process: iTunes [28694] Path: /Applications/iTunes.app/Contents/MacOS/iTunes Identifier: com.apple.iTunes Version: 9.1 (9.1) Build Info: iTunes-9107901~2 Code Type: X86 (Native) Parent Process: launchd [263] PlugIn Path: ...
But nothing unlimited like the MetroPCS deal?
I have a 2 yr old 3G iPhone that's now out of contract with AT&T. I travel a lot, and have unlocked it to use overseas SIMs. I'm looking for something like the MetroPCS unlimited prepaid plan without contract so I can just pay for the time I'm using the handset in the US, and not for the months that I'm away. What options are out there?
As a professional video user, QTX is unusable. I deleted it and installed QT7, but even after changing the 'open with' info on all files, the system still looks for QTX and nothing happens. I have to drag the file to the QT7 icon every time to open
but then Steve will break a fingernail and the stock will tank.
My PowerBook isn't booting up, just stuck on the spinning disc. I've tried repairing from the install disc, but I get the messages: Invalid key length Volume check failed Error: Filesystem verify or repair failed. Is there anything else I can try to rescue the disk?
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