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but then Steve will break a fingernail and the stock will tank.
My PowerBook isn't booting up, just stuck on the spinning disc. I've tried repairing from the install disc, but I get the messages: Invalid key length Volume check failed Error: Filesystem verify or repair failed. Is there anything else I can try to rescue the disk?
thanks for the tip but that hasn't helped. It appears the actual font is different - extra bold or black.
Since I installed Snow Leopard the bold font in Safari is now a rather ugly extra bold font. The rest of the type is still ok.
...or the adult toy market?
and nailing Apple over this would help shareholders how?
I can't get online with Safari, and Mail isn't connecting either. However, Firefox is ok. This is the case with two different WiFi setups I've tried today. Network diagnostics tells me the network is working ok. When I try to use Safari, it just sits there without progress. I tried restarting, and logging on as another user with the same problem. What's up?
I travel a lot for work - to the US mainly - and wish I could still watch British TV whilst away. Is there a way to use my home network/ISP while away? If not, what's the best/cheapest way to do so?
KeyRemap4MacBook works great to modify the option key to enter. There's no map for the old keypad 'zero' on 'M' though.
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