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Since I installed Snow Leopard the bold font in Safari is now a rather ugly extra bold font. The rest of the type is still ok.
...or the adult toy market?
and nailing Apple over this would help shareholders how?
I can't get online with Safari, and Mail isn't connecting either. However, Firefox is ok. This is the case with two different WiFi setups I've tried today. Network diagnostics tells me the network is working ok. When I try to use Safari, it just sits there without progress. I tried restarting, and logging on as another user with the same problem. What's up?
I travel a lot for work - to the US mainly - and wish I could still watch British TV whilst away. Is there a way to use my home network/ISP while away? If not, what's the best/cheapest way to do so?
KeyRemap4MacBook works great to modify the option key to enter. There's no map for the old keypad 'zero' on 'M' though.
I keep getting the alert that Mail is unable to send with the selected server. I use the Mail connection doctor and .mac account and server are logging in ok. This problem is intermittent - there are days I don't have any trouble, and today I have to try about 6 times to send an email. I get the problem at home and at work - both networks were fine yesterday. I've switched from WiFi to Ethernet and the message eventually sent.
I just bought a new MBP from B&H Photo's website. When I inserted a DVD for the first time, I was asked if I wanted to change the Region from 6 to 1. Did B&H sell me a grey import? \
I've just got a new MBP, and an SORELY missing the 'enter' key to the right of the space bar. I work with After Effects and would use it all the time. Having to modify the 'return' key with 'fn' is pretty annoying. Also missing - the numeric modifiers on the letter keys, particularly '0' on 'm'. I can find no shortcut for RAM previewing now. Is there any way to re-map the right 'option' key to 'enter', and 'fn' 'm' to what would be zero on the extended keyboard?
I just got a new MBP and have been transferring files from my old one. However, I keep getting alerts that I don't have sufficient privileges to replace certain files, and I'm having to enter my password lot to alter certain folders. I've repaired permissions several times. I had some issues with my previous machine where my admin account became corrupted and had to be replaced with another account. How can I now update everything on my new machine to allow me...
New Posts  All Forums: