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Having restarted my computer my log in has vanished. I have a Guest login, which is still available, but my main account doesn't appear at startup. It's grayed out in the Accounts preference pane under 'Groups'. I cannot authenticate to try and repair permissions or verify the drive as the computer won't recognize my username or password. What can I do? MBP 15" 2.4ghz OS 10.5.6
I've recently started receiving blank emails. They have no sender, subject or content. Just a time. I seem to be getting a couple a day. Why would this happen and how can I stop them?
I hardly use it for nights or weekends. And I'm not often left with roll-over minutes.
It sure is better. For $80 on AT&T I get data, 400 mins (incoming and outgoing, so you can basically halve that compared to the UK) and 200 texts. Total rip-off. And since I don't have a land line, I don't 'benefit' from cheaper local calls to mobiles.
Is there any way to view /edit your auto-correct dictionary?
There are several username autofill details I can't delete from the list. Some I can delete ok, others just won't budge when I click 'remove' at the lower left of the window.
I've built several sites in iWeb, but need to transfer one to another machine to continue working on it. How do I do that?
I'm very surprised and disappointed at AI that this story is presented as 'fact' in it's headline. Katy Huberty should not be given the time of day given her track record, let alone a voice on a site such as this.
Contacts - unresponsive for 2 seconds SMS - nothing appears for 2 seconds Mail - only thing that's work ok from the start GPS - 4 second wait for a map
Here's the thing. I'm a total Apple fanboy, owned 12 macs so since 1990, wouldn't even consider another computer/OS. I've waited years for a device like the iPhone from Apple. I held off from the first version because I was traveling a lot, and I wanted the 3G model once it came out. Meanwhile I would quietly check my email on my Sidekick II, flick it open and zip through the menus and apps quickly so no-one around would see the bulky, battered old case, then flip it...
New Posts  All Forums: