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I just got a new MBP and have been transferring files from my old one. However, I keep getting alerts that I don't have sufficient privileges to replace certain files, and I'm having to enter my password lot to alter certain folders. I've repaired permissions several times. I had some issues with my previous machine where my admin account became corrupted and had to be replaced with another account. How can I now update everything on my new machine to allow me...
Thanks, I hadn't checked the export hyperlink option. However, I want to attach the document in an email and have the link clickable from within the email. It still doesn't seem to do that.
I've created an e-flyer in InDesign and want to include a hyperlink to a website. Tried creating a button and new hyperlink but no luck... thanks
Having restarted my computer my log in has vanished. I have a Guest login, which is still available, but my main account doesn't appear at startup. It's grayed out in the Accounts preference pane under 'Groups'. I cannot authenticate to try and repair permissions or verify the drive as the computer won't recognize my username or password. What can I do? MBP 15" 2.4ghz OS 10.5.6
I've recently started receiving blank emails. They have no sender, subject or content. Just a time. I seem to be getting a couple a day. Why would this happen and how can I stop them?
I hardly use it for nights or weekends. And I'm not often left with roll-over minutes.
It sure is better. For $80 on AT&T I get data, 400 mins (incoming and outgoing, so you can basically halve that compared to the UK) and 200 texts. Total rip-off. And since I don't have a land line, I don't 'benefit' from cheaper local calls to mobiles.
Is there any way to view /edit your auto-correct dictionary?
There are several username autofill details I can't delete from the list. Some I can delete ok, others just won't budge when I click 'remove' at the lower left of the window.
I've built several sites in iWeb, but need to transfer one to another machine to continue working on it. How do I do that?
New Posts  All Forums: