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I've built several sites in iWeb, but need to transfer one to another machine to continue working on it. How do I do that?
I'm very surprised and disappointed at AI that this story is presented as 'fact' in it's headline. Katy Huberty should not be given the time of day given her track record, let alone a voice on a site such as this.
Contacts - unresponsive for 2 seconds SMS - nothing appears for 2 seconds Mail - only thing that's work ok from the start GPS - 4 second wait for a map
Here's the thing. I'm a total Apple fanboy, owned 12 macs so since 1990, wouldn't even consider another computer/OS. I've waited years for a device like the iPhone from Apple. I held off from the first version because I was traveling a lot, and I wanted the 3G model once it came out. Meanwhile I would quietly check my email on my Sidekick II, flick it open and zip through the menus and apps quickly so no-one around would see the bulky, battered old case, then flip it...
My assessment is that it hasn't made a blind bit of difference to anything. Ridiculously simple apps such as Clock still take 2-3 seconds to open, leaving me gawping at the screen like an idiot just to see what the time is in Dubai. Contacts is still unresponsive for a good couple of seconds (I don't have a big database) and Weather loads about as fast as it would on an Macintosh Classic. Can ANYONE tell me why these BASIC apps should be SO SLOW opening? ...
My 16GB 3G is just as laggy as ever. Re-orientation of the screen in Safari still happens a second after turning the screen. Why must it take nearly 3 seconds to open 'Settings' or the 'Clock' app??? Other apps are just as slow. I might understand if I had a huge amount of data, but don't. I've never owned a device as slow as this for general app navigation. It truly feels almost unusable to me - and that's after using a Sidekick II for 3 years waiting for this to...
I've been working in the industry for 20 years in both the US and UK and in my experience very few design or production companies run PCs. There's an aesthetic that such companies appreciate and value over cost.
I get confused with static IP addresses - What do I need to do?
it's a Belkin 54g. What should I look for?
yep, everything is in order - I signed in with my password, the signal is there and it shows an IP address. Still no data: "Safari could not open the page because the server stopped responding" on every site I try.
New Posts  All Forums: