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Gee, I shut off WiFi on my 4s all the time. Is that a sign its a piece of crap?
Yah I have to spin in... Bought aVM Optimus V in early 2011. Had "teething troubles" until an L2 tech rep helped me fix it. Afterwards, no complaints. This was in the Bay Area. Do you know how unkind the geography and climate there is to cell-phibe providers?
@nagromme Yes but lets not forget that by killing it off Google benefits from all these ad impressions we now get to use.
Agreed about Reader but it's obvious that RSS is fading from importance. I did start feeling antiquated for using it a few months ago. Guess it's time to look fir something else.
Yeah, I think its inane when people point out "no media drive". Whatevs, this is 2013 %u2014 not 2002!
All this convinced me to do was deactivate my dormant account. I might be fickle but I don't see a purpose to this company now.
A larger phone? Good idea. Being an uncritical fanboi? Less good idea.
It takes up a lot of space cos its the full x64 install. This is the "compromise" to get full apps compatibility over RT. Pathetic
I can wait. My iPhone 4 with iOS 6 will certainly tide me over. If only the battery wasn't losing its "fizz"... :-/
Note to editor: 20-25% does not represent "a hefty premium". This is standard in acquisitions for functioning businesses. It is a premium to entice existing equity-holders to part with their shares...
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