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I have an early 2008 iMac whose HD failed in 2010. The second HD I replaced recently with an SSD. Now if only I could do something about the fan noise...
I'm assuming a good piece of the savings is the lack of "traditional" mechanical drives?
Three words: iCloud iOS INTEGRATION made this a no-brainer for me with iMac 08, iPad 2 and iPhone 4!
*rolleyes*Yes, and Apple //es were way bigger then iPhones, Mr.
Ya know — it is possible to like something without being a fanboi...
That's not a "design" per se. It's just a home-made visor with one of those stickers Apple has always enclosed with its products affixed to it. Being as this is 1983ish it's the pre-Garamond Narrow font on it.
Apple policy has always been to support only current and previous OS. There are plenty of other ways to find out if you're infected and how to prevent re-infection. Just look...
Sounds like $85 per month but yes they should edit.
That's a little febrile. MS makes $0 currently and risks ceding dominance in iOS to Apple.This move is undoubtedly in acquiescence to the many business users who require a hermetic solution to compatibility with Windows PC cohorts. It's vital and important and underscores Apple's current dominance in the tablet space...
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