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I'm guessing Apple will continue to iterate the "ten" schema (10.10, 10.11, etc.) until all devices go iOS-y.
This is BEYOND stupid. This reminds me of the original impetus behind the development of the Apple ///. The notion was that microcomputers (as they once were known) had limited lifecycles. The thinking was benighted by the fact that immature platforms have low "switching" costs. The rise of the IBM PC and then the Macintosh put paid to this argument — permanently. Let these "analysts" trot out their "data". The modern mobile platforms are leaps beyond what once...
As Google would say — "+1"!
lol +1
What? Exactly how is the last relic MacBook like the MacBooks of yore? Perhaps you meant the MBPs. I'd agree with you with a minor caveat--Apple didn't redsign the 15/17's appearance dramatically but they also don't have any real interest in "innovating" here. All the growth's been mobile devices for them--and look at the morphology there...
Yeah, and my Dell tower from 2003 has a 3.2GHz processor! Why are they getting slower?!?!?!??
System 7.5.3r2. 'Nuff said.
Thankfully they fixed the most egregious UI errors from the Beta... the title/tab bar is now only the title bar again; and the load/stop button becomes a highly visible nub instead of being nearly invisible.
Hm, that might explain why the network quality is so much worse than in the morning... thank you my good man for that explanation!
I suggest you drop the smug attitude and stop assuming things. I am an IT consultant and deal with unreasonable expectation all day long. I do not have unreasonable expectations. [/QUOTE] I'd like to add that I too have issues with AT&T's 3G network. And this is with a Blackberry Bold. I have an area of transit between the Outer Richmond and the Financial District daily. Web service is often unavailable in the morning; speeds are atrocious; and one night in Laurel...
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