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Well, I'll try reseating those cables too, but in the manual I got, it suggests checking the DC board if "the computer will not power on", and suggests checking the LVDS and backlight cables if there is "no display, but computer appears to operate correctly." I don't think the computer is operating correctly. I'll let you know if anything works. Thanks for the help!
OK, well I'm going to buy a new DC board and try that, unless anyone has a better idea.
Is it even possible that the DC-in board is the problem? It won't boot whether I'm using the power adaptor or battery power. Does the fact that the clock resets to 1969 guarantee that this is a Logic Board failure, or could that just be because I've been taking the battery out to shut the computer off?
OK, nothing comes up on the external monitor, so it's not limited to the screen.
I'm going to try plugging in an external monitor tonight. I found the service manual for Early 2004 iBooks which should be close enough... It looks like checking the DC Board would be a good idea.
Hmmm.. I don't think the scan lines are moving, but when I do see them, it's very brief. At this point, I just have a black screen when I turn the computer on. I put the OS X CD in and it took it, but now the computer doesn't respond when I try to eject it. Thanks so much for the help!
Hi. I've had my iBook G4 (1 GHz) since summer 2004. It worked great for a long time and I've really loved it. Then around February of this year, the problems started. The first two problems were: the CD drive started caving in toward the center, making it difficult to insert or remove CDs. In order to eject a CD, I usually have to grab the middle of the drive opening with my fingers and spread it apart, and quickly move my hand once the CD is ready to come out. So...
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