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Very smart post. I'd expect Snow Leopard to have some custom chips under the hood also as you mentioned.
NO!! I totally disagree. I will HAVE to buy a new Mac with SL as my G5 will be too old and too slow. Now lets just stick with the plan ok.
I'm a G5 owner and i think this is the logical step to keep engineers working on forward technology, and not dragging the company recourses with old weight. I guess i'll have to get a new Mac. DAMN!
VERY VERY interesting. Much like Intel and PPC are parallel, so shall Leopard and Snow Leopard. I like this path. Although i'm happy to let my PPC die as to focus development on one roadmap. My PPC on Leopard runs rather poorly with Safari crashing daily, iPhoto running really slow and having issues, and many other little things. I'm glad to see someone take the responsibility to harden their platform. Now this all could mean that Apple needs to re-write lots of code in...
I wold be happy if it did not crash daily on my G5!!
Hope you get well soon.
1) I own a G5 and i hope SL drops it! Apple needs to focus on forward technology, not the past. M$ would benefit from this also. 2) Same. Mostly intended for new computers and speed junkies. 3) dunno 4) As others have said, stability and speed ARE features. If OS X is becoming increasingly popular, viruses will soon be a threat. Hardening the OS for this day now is prudent. Ridding the OS of obsolete tech and writing a foundation to build new tech is critical to Touch...
I'm more concerned about my current iPhone and how easily it will be to pass onto mom on July 12.
Yeah, because i totally restore my iPhone a couple time a week.
I would rather have5 mp camera Ability to store files and then send them from my iPhone Ability to print (this one seems easy over WiFi) Send contacts Send iCal appointments Video chat (but not as important as the others) I can't see why the above list would be that hard to implement. YES, i will be upgrading my iPhone with the new one for GPS and 3G, but just the 8GB as i have no need for huge storage if i can't take anything with me besides music, movies, and photos....
New Posts  All Forums: