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How will this affect local iTunes backups being restored to a different device?  Will it know to redownload the correct version of the apps?
 Apple likes to dump a lot of things into Accessibility even when it would make more sense to put them in the relevant settings (Display, Keyboard, etc).  You should see the Accessibility preferences in OS X.  My guess is they think putting the options in the relevant places would exceed their quota for the maximum number of options in a preference pane, so they dump them into Accessibility which people assume is reserved for settings related to disabilities....
 "real gamers" use a keyboard and mouse  
Several people are saying Amazon should "just make an Amazon Video app" for the TV app store.  But how does this help older Apple TV models which don't have an app store?  Why has Amazon video not been available natively on the older Apple TV?
Either Amazon has tried to get onto Apple TV but was rejected by Apple, or Amazon is purposely withholding Prime Video for Apple TV. If Amazon really is trying to get on Apple TV, then a better strategy would be to publicly call Apple out.  Amazon should openly state that they have been trying to get onto Apple TV but Apple is preventing it.  Then Apple can either officially refute the claim or stay silent and let the self-appointed Apple PR spokesmen on the forums do the...
 Quote of the day.  Apple would be proud.  Congratulations 
What happens if someone does a restore on a device still running older iOS version either because they can't upgrade or don't want to upgrade?  Does restoring the device force it to be upgraded?  What if the device can't run iOS 9?
Does taptic feedback vibrate the entire screen or just the part that's pressed in?
The equivalent behavior in OS X seems to be the hiding of useful buttons and menu commands behind the Option key.  The list of hidden Option key commands seems to keep growing with every new OS X release.
I'm curious to know this as well.  Just removing the offending apps from the App Store does not prevent already installed copies from running.
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