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How many people commenting on this article are actually doing so on an iPad?
 The people comparing the Mac Mini, iMac, and Mac Pro would seem to disagree.
Tell the headphone manufacturers to support Bluetooth pairing for more than a single computer/phone/stereo.  I don't want to keep unpairing and pairing again when going between different devices.
Maybe the interns at Apple uploaded the Apple Event demo versions of the software instead of the complete versions.
 I thought the new Apple TV didn't support Bluetooth keyboards either.
Don't assume that if your work gives you a Mac, you will be able to use it just like your personal home computer.  There are still plenty of ways for IT departments to screw Mac users. For example: Only allowing people to purchase the lowest end Mac with lowest price, slowest CPU, least memory, and slowest storage.  For laptops, they may only allow the lowest end 11 inch MacBook Air.  For desktops, they may only allow the lowest end Mac Mini or possibly the lowest end 21...
End users are not the only people who read iFixit.
  Ring. Coming soon. Add AppleCare and you will be covered all 2 years of your marriage. When it is no longer supported, you can recycle or trade up to a new spouse.  
 No one's forcing you to buy this dock.  There are a ton of 3rd party docks that will come out if you are the cheap type. 
iPad in Business customer profiles:  http://www.apple.com/ipad/business/in-action/ IT resources for iPad:  http://www.apple.com/ipad/business/it/   Let's see what's available for Mac in Business:  http://www.apple.com/business/mac/ There is a Buy button.  
New Posts  All Forums: