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What is Apple's official statement for why they are discontinuing Aperture?
Besides faster speed, USB 3.0 can also provide more power to the port, almost twice the power of USB 2.0..  This may finally allow iPad users to charge through a powered USB 3.0 hub without having to connect directly to a Mac.
Still using Intel HD Graphics instead of updating to Iris?
 Yes, I am surprised the article didn't mention these previous non-poaching deals.
The "no idea what they're getting into" comment is valid.  Apple normally likes to work in markets where they can pretty much make up their own rules any time they feel like it.  But the car market is much more regulated due to DOT, NTSB, state vehicle codes, etc.  Apple would be more limited in the types of products they could sell.  So if Apple wanted to make a car with only one foot pedal because "two pedals are confusing", local regulations might not allow it.  Same...
The question is whether these "over-the-top" "cheerleaders" do more harm than good, like the Apple "Lemmings" commercial.
Yes, even more so because he has: Information Technology ExperienceA decade of experience in technical consulting or employment in information technology, recognized by the University of California to be equivalent to a Master’s Degree in Computer Science. http://www.roughlydrafted.com/resume.html
Waiting for the magic sand app to create 3D sculptures rising out of the screen.
Is there an advantage to being able to view digital camera photos at full resolution?
Should medium format camera makers and users be worried?
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