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She did not immediately and blindly sign on to Apple Music.
1. Of course Apple is going to deny it.  Does anyone expect any company to admit doing this?   2. Did the artist get the Apple rep's response in writing?  Was this meeting recorded?
 This is better than removing features from OS X applications to bring parity with iOS.
There are plenty of IT people who would love to see that shiny Macbook reduced to nothing more than running Windows. "You can have a Mac, as long as it runs Windows only". This also gives IT the ability to truthfully say "yes, we support Macs".
 Do you mean no target display mode at 5K resolution or no target display mode at all?
Will this help with iOS devices repeatedly failing to appear when using iTunes Wi-Fi sync?
Are these hardware or software issues?
Does Apple partner with anyone for the driving directions?  That needs improvement also.
The Reduce Transparency option keeps getting enabled after unlocking a password protected screensaver, or logging out and back in.   Apple engineers either want everyone to use Reduce Transparency all the time, or they never put passwords on screensavers and never log out of their own computers.  Perhaps it is some kind of revenge stunt for all the initial complaints about the blurry UI elements when Yosemite was first announced.  So someone at Apple decided "You don't...
 So true.  DisplayPort development seems to be always outpacing Thunderbolt.  And Thunderbolt is lagging behind PCI Express.  It still can't match the performance of a single full length PCIe slot, and is still a generation behind the latest PCIe standard.
New Posts  All Forums: