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 Does that mean Apple was betting on the general public's lack of knowledge about display quality in order to get away with selling Macbook Pros with the inferior display panels, and marketing them as "a nuanced view simply unavailable on other portables"?  Or betting on pro-Apple users on sites such as AppleInsider to come to Apple's defense?
Waiting for Apple to make their own (QI incompatible) wireless charging system for iOS devices to see how the wireless charging haters will respond.
   Do Mac users have short memory or selective memory? http://web.archive.org/web/20070409070320/http://www.apple.com/macbookpro/graphics.html http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/74635/apple-hit-with-class-action-suit-over-macbook-macbook-pro-displays Surely cost could not be a reason for Apple using lower quality and less accurate display panels in those Macbook Pros, because Mac users are supposed to be willing to pay more for higher quality parts.  And you can't blame the...
 There are websites that show AMD's Crossfire working on the new Mac Pro when booted into Windows. Reminds me of the early days of dual processor Macs before OS X and symmetric multiprocessing.  Applications had to be written specifically just to see the other CPU.  For example, Photoshop required certain plugins to enable it to use both CPUs.  Did the OS itself (System 7-9) even use both CPUs at that time? What about having to manually set memory usage for each...
 Instead of linking non-Apple products to make them look bad, you could have linked to Apple products such as these.  But I guess it would not have been as much fun.   
 Dose of reality for all those people who think all OTA broadcast TV is simply going to be replaced by internet steaming on-demand.
 Those integrations some of the reasons why it is difficult if not impossible to install aftermarket head units in some cars today.  Possibly a motivation of the car manufacturers themselves in order to prevent replacement of the factory audio system?  Let's see if the car and stereo manufacturers will do things like making it impossible to operate CarPlay unless the car is in Park and parking brake is on, etc.
 When Apple starts charging for iWork on iCloud, blame Amazon.
Universal apps are a good thing because they result in less confusion for users. Next up... Wikipanion for iPhone and iPad.
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