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The equivalent behavior in OS X seems to be the hiding of useful buttons and menu commands behind the Option key.  The list of hidden Option key commands seems to keep growing with every new OS X release.
I'm curious to know this as well.  Just removing the offending apps from the App Store does not prevent already installed copies from running.
Steve would rather die than be treated at a hospital which uses ugly PCs.
But it's so fun to complain about the other side even when your side is guilty of doing the same thing!
Yet Mac users still complain when companies like Microsoft, Intuit and others don't make the Mac versions of their applications as functional or compatible as their Windows versions.
Is this iTunes update supposed to reapply album ratings that were previously removed?
Can you add multiple file attachments to an email in Mail?
Is Apple really ready to enter the auto industry?  The auto industry is a lot more regulated than computer retail or music where Apple likes to make up its own rules and change them any time they feel like it.  Among other things, being a car manufacturer would mean offering much longer warranty periods and dealing with the NTSB and other regulatory agencies.
You don't need to know that.  Specs are for Fandroids who like to fill out checklists so they can feel they've accomplished something by showing off how much RAM they have.  You just need to take Apple's word that Pencil is better than anything else out there.  Don't ask how or why, it just is.
New Posts  All Forums: