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Every time I see the Launchpad in OS X, I feel like swiping and tapping my finger on the screen.
Did Jobs specifically differentiate between stylus required vs. stylus optional in any quoted material, or are people just reinterpreting his words through hindsight after seeing today's announcements?
What is the current sentiment towards patents these days?  Is it First to invent, First to file, First to ship? The standard seems to change depending on which company people are talking about.
I don't see why people are being so hard on this sog35 person.  Most of what he posts is pro-Apple.  Isn't that what people in an Apple forum would like to see?
 Apple didn't seem to have that problem with IBM: http://appleinsider.com/articles/15/02/09/apple-controls-presentation-in-ibm-partnership-as-salespeople-use-macs-keynote-to-push-ios-in-enterprise
The same reasoning can also apply to iMacs or MacBooks with touchscreens.  Every time that discussion comes up, there are always some people who act like having a touchscreen automatically means their keyboard and mouse will stop working.  Some people also like to envision a dual OS device which runs OS X when a keyboard and mouse are attached, and runs iOS apps when used without the keyboard.  Wouldn't that cause the same fragmented user experience issues as the Surface?
That would be Surface RT since it only runs applications from App Store.
Does the Pencil have an eraser function on the opposite end?   Can it be charged by devices other than iPad Pro?   Will it work with iPhone 6S Plus?
Wasn't killing Adobe Flash and moving to HTML 5 supposed to put an end to all of these annoyances?
Maybe this will convince Cisco to improve WebEx for Mac: 1. Outlook productivity tools not working in Outlook 2016. 2. WebEx recordings can't be converted using a Mac.
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