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 Which means people would have to wait for Thunderbolt to catch up again in order to use 8K external monitors, if Apple is still using Thunderbolt by that time.
Instead of gaining huge storage capacities, I would be happier if iPhones and iPads would install iOS updates faster and boot faster.  Are the slow boot speeds in iOS devices due to using lower performance flash memory?
Now we need ISPs to catch up with faster upload speeds.
 The tone of some of these postings implies that unless Apple officially states that something is supported, people should not expect it to work properly, no matter how obvious it may seem.  Since Apple does not officially list MST hubs or daisy chaining DisplayPort 1.2 monitors as supported, I am hesitant to go out and buy these things only to find out they do not work properly.  And if people point out that the DisplayPort MST should obviously support multiple lower res...
I am more interested in seeing if those Macs on the list support DisplayPort MST for multiple standard resolution monitors instead of just a single 4K monitor.  Has anyone with a Thunderbolt 2 Mac tried using a DisplayPort MST hub, or tried daisy chaining DisplayPort 1.2 monitors to see if it works on the Mac?
It would be more classy if the numbers were laser engraved onto the trackpad instead of some plastic film.  Possibly even backlit.  Or how about just making the whole thing an LCD screen with optional wristband?
And how about enlarging the left/right arrow keys like on the new MacBook?
For home or office use, it would have been better if Apple also announced a full featured USB-C dock (power, audio, multiple standard USB ports, ethernet, Displayport MST, *No Drivers Required*) that will be ready to ship the same day as the new MacBook.  How long will it take for third parties to start making USB-C docks and adapters?
Is Apple going to start removing Magsafe, Thunderbolt, and standard USB ports from all laptops?
Use Lightroom.
New Posts  All Forums: