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First we tell people to use Apple's feedback pages and send bug reports.  Now you are saying Apple does not listen to anyone.  So which is it?  Does Apple listen to people or not?
And what happened when Apple joined the Blu-ray association?  Are we going to see a "NFC is a bag of hurt?" comment from Tim?
There used to be a time when applying firmware updates on a Mac required restarting and then holding down the power button until you hear a loud beep.  Why was this changed?
Maybe they can get a deal to supply Apple's data centers 
Don't rejoice until we find out what percentage of these Macs are simply going to be used as Windows terminals running nothing but VMware or Boot Camp all day.
Based on the quote from the IBM CIO, any news outlet can just as easily spin it to say "IBM makes Apple put on Big Boy Pants".  Is it time for a "Steve would never have done this"?
Based on the IBM CIO's account, it seems that IBM was the one convincing Apple to deal, with IBM's 6-8x expected volume of Apple's current largest corporate customer.
What application is used for those renderings?
Can't have "factual analysis" of Apple Watch when Apple refuses to provide the exact numbers.
 Just don't let your subscription expire.
New Posts  All Forums: