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To avoid admitting mistakes and to minimize any impact the "bitchers' had in getting things fixed, the self-appointed Apple PR spokesmen will claim that it was Apple's plan all along to add those missing things.
FOX slowly turned into a hardcore porn channel and we never even realized it. Marge Simpson
4. Can't charge the remote using the Apple TV (because either a Lightning-USB-C cable is not included or the USB-C port does not charge at all), and no charger included in the box. So I'm curious - does the Siri Remote provide any enhanced features when plugged into a computer?  Does it function as a USB microphone, does it have a digital voice recorder, can it be used as flash drive, or anything that would make Apple assume that everyone has a computer in the living room...
Maybe someone also forgot to email the packaging team to either include the proper USB-C cable for charging the remote from the Apple TV, or to include an AC charger in the box.
Does that also include armchair Apple PR spokesmen?
If you want to play it this way, then that means Apple is not to be trusted for anything unless they put it in writing?  And people should not put anything past them?
 Remote app and BT keyboard compatibility better be fixed soon.  Otherwise this seems like a petty attempt by Apple to drive attention towards the new remote, which you can't even charge out of the box using what's included.  Since the new Siri Remote is so great, you won't want to use anything else to control Apple TV, and we're just being helpful by making sure that you don't use anything else.
 Before Apple started selling glossy displays, a lot of Mac users at the time were complaining about glossy displays on PC laptops.
Will the new Apple TV automatically switch the TV's input source when an AirPlay mirroring connection is made?
Just in time to see the Apple people defending Macs with 6 bit displays and dismissing monitors with higher bit depth.
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