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In Safari 7, I use the Manage Website Settings to configure certain sites to block Flash player while setting the default to allow.  But I occasionally find that sites which were set to Block have either changed to Allow, or have been removed from the list.  Why is it doing this?  Do I have to reconfigure the sites every time  there is a Safari or Flash plugin update?
 On a Retina or 4K display if you move the mouse over one of those chiclets, it will display additional text under the monitor "Looks like X x Y". http://anandtech.com/show/8023/apple-releases-osx-10-9-3-improved-4k-display But I think it is annoying to have so many things hidden by default and exposed only when you hold the Option key:In Finder, click Go and hold Option key to see your Library folderIn Finder copy file dialog, hold Option key to change between Skip and...
Since the Late 2013 MBP Retina now supports MST, will it be able to work with daisy chained DP monitors or MST hubs like this one?   http://www.accellcables.com/K088B-003B.html
I don't Nintendo's loss is a reflection of console gaming itself, but the type of audience that Nintendo caters to, compared to Playstation and Xbox.
I care about the efficiency of turn by turn directions.  I hate when mapping applications lead people around in circles, such as saying to drive 3 blocks straight ahead, make a U-turn, then drive 3 blocks straight ahead, then turn left.  I could have just (legally) turned right in the first place!!  Or when a program tells you to take a long winding route on 3 different freeways when you could stay on the same freeway and get to your location faster.  Has anyone compared...
 Maybe it's Quid pro quo: http://appleinsider.com/articles/11/11/23/hps_chairman_using_macbook_air_may_detail_webos_plans_next_week Interesting to see all the snide "calling out" comments in that article compared to the defense of Apple when it's the other way around. It's a good thing that most of the anti-Apple media haven't caught on to this, or they would be having another feeding frenzy. How much did the HP Chairman pay for that Macbook Air, compared to how much Apple...
 I think some people are just jealous that he has: "A decade of experience in technical consulting or employment in information technology, recognized by the University of California to be equivalent to a Master’s Degree in Computer Science." http://www.roughlydrafted.com/resume.html
 If it's good enough for Apple to use in their own datacenters, it should be good enough for Apple's customers. 
So far I see the following criticisms of this camera:   Price Megapixels Form over function   Strangely this resembles the criticisms that some people have for Macs and iPhones.  So why not offer the same defenses for Lytro?
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