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 But the question is whether all the people currently putting down the idea of a larger screen iPhone will turn around and start embracing it when Apple releases it. Apple will not make a video iPod. Nobody wants to watch video on an iPod.Apple will not make a phone.Apple should not allow third parties to create native iPhone applications. Web apps are really sweet.Apple will never switch to Intel processors.
 But if people used these devices to analyze the iPad screens, they would be accused of trying to look for issues instead of taking Apple's word.
 Does Apple provide information about iPad display color accuracy on their web site?  Unless Apple actually provides this information, wouldn't people just assume (and rightly so) that color accuracy is the same on all iPad models?
And Tim Cook was recruited from Compaq.  I guess Apple's doomed to fail now.
What accuracy are you referring to, just popping up an address on a map or actually getting there?  Far more often, Apple's maps sends me in circles with less efficient routes compared to Google Maps.
For all the people trashing Adobe, I'm curious to see how well Pixelmator can replace Photoshop in medium to large design shops that are cross platform, and which need to collaborate with outside firms that use Adobe.  In these use cases, is Pixelmator a drop-in replacement for Photoshop?
 How well does Pixelmator work on older Macs (more than 3 years old) that do not have the latest gpu's?  For example, the tools which attempt to perform live adjustments to an image as you move a slider?  How is the speed compared to Photoshop running on that same Mac?
Besides missing features, the other issue is the automatic file conversion when opening an older document. Apparently, older files are converted even if you just open them without making any changes. If you are just viewing a file, why should it be overwritten with the new format? If you edit an older file, is there a warning that it will break compatibility with older versions of those apps? When editing an older file, it would be better to just retain the original...
 And just as with Final Cut Pro X, the defense "it's a brand-new version" is Apple being treated differently.  Yes, it was receiving lots of complaints.  But the complaints were generally dismissed and are still being dismissed by the Apple defenders.  Would this happen for any other company?
 Because they wanted to see what they could get away with before having to respond?  If nobody complains, then Apple would assume that  they don't need to do anything else.
New Posts  All Forums: