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iPhone "Thermonuclear" Edition?
Oh, the memories of years gone by...  
Curious why they chose Powermat instead of some other competing standard like Qi.
 It would be nice if the iPhone and iPad screens would display an indicator in the status bar when the side switch is moved and silent mode is activated.
     Is Amazon now the Apple Maps of streaming music services?  Give it time, it's a new product, etc, etc.
 Syncing Exchange categories would also be nice.
By data set accuracy, do you mean whether the location exists on the map, or are you referring to the routes that the application generates?  For example, locations appear correctly for me, but Apple Maps often provides less than ideal directions, at times going around in circles.  Google maps seems to provide better routes.
 Power Mac G5 heatsink?
Just remember that the resulting color of the translucency depends on the color of the background underneath. People who say they like the new effect may not say so if the desktop background changes. Even a nice looking desktop background may not combine well with transparent white window elements and the extreme blur effect that is being used. The blurring also creates large splotches of gray, pink and turquoise on the screen.
Seems that even the biggest Apple defenders on AI are having a hard time rationalizing the Beats purchase to themselves.  Maybe that's why there is no fluffy DED article yet?
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