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Instead of complaining about Microsoft, how about asking Apple to make their own software work better?  Mail on OS X still can't access server based rules on Exchange accounts.  And why does the Calendar in iOS still show old meeting invitations when I have already accepted them in Outlook?
The app does support iCloud, which is the only type of account that Mac users will want to use since it comes from Apple.
ARD 3.8 released, and with new icon.
Apple Remote Desktop issue is back.  Once again the updates page lists ARD 3.7.2 and the system keeps prompting to install it even though it is already installed.  It's bad enough that long standing bugs still haven't been fixed.  But reintroducing previously fixed bugs?
And let's not forget all the followers who were calling for the death of USB, to see it become the only connector on this new MacBook.  Imagine all the backtracking that would ensue as they try to wipe the egg off their faces.  Oh wait, maybe Apple should release a laptop like this  
Yet Bill Campbell sat on the Apple board for 17 years.
MacBook Air RT?
 Even Apple sources components from different suppliers with varying levels of performance (Samsung vs. LG, SanDisk) sometimes within the same product model.
 Apple marketing perhaps?  This experience should show armchair CIOs that implementing and supporting iPads or Macs for thousands of people is completely different from using your own device at home.
Maybe that's why certain Apple applications in Yosemite such as Migration Assistant, Script Editor, TextEdit keep opening at the bottom left corner of the screen no matter how many times I try to reset the default window position or delete preferences?  
New Posts  All Forums: