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Since these new laptops have Thunderbolt 2, will they support daisy chaining of DisplayPort 1.2 monitors?   What version of HDMI does the HDMI connector use?  Will it support 30 inch (2560x1600) monitors?  4K?
If I search for apps will I get a page and link to the App Store app?
 And don't forget to throw in several French expressions in the articles, a practice which seems to be fashionable among journalists writing for English language magazines and newspapers.
 Apple and every Apple fan claims that Apple hold themselves to a higher standard.  I guess it's ok for them to claim it, but not ok for people to call them on it?  The more Apple and fanbois trash talk the competition and draw attention to themselves, the more it will come back to bite them when Apple has issues of their own.  No double standard here.  Don't act like Apple fanbois aren't doing the same thing with Microsoft and Samsung products every time those companies...
 People could give examples of things that do not work properly in Mavericks, some of which are problems which existed in previous versions of Mac OS X and are still not fixed in Mavericks.  But you would just respond by saying things like who cares, I don't use those features, get used to it, it's a feature not a bug, etc.
What does compatibility between Mac OS and iOS versions have to do with removing features from Mac OS version?  Couldn't they just add the features to the iOS version while leaving the Mac OS version intact?   What does "it's a brand-new version" have to do with missing features?  Does that mean you delete all your previous work from your servers, delete all the previous code from your records, and pretend that those previous versions never existed?   Before this...
Now they will just change their story and say "Apple was planning to do it all along". Apple will not make a video iPod. Nobody wants to watch video on an iPod.Apple will not make a phone.Apple will not allow third parties to create native iPhone applications. Web apps are really sweet.Apple will not add copy and paste to the iPhone. Nobody needs copy and paste.Apple will never switch to Intel processors.
 Your sarcasm backfires because you would be designing the very thing that iFixit dings Apple for.  Your "computer hardware geniuses with infinite amounts of time on their hands" are the ones who seem to want designs that are difficult and time consuming to service, as some kind of self-validation.  Other people, even working technicians, just want to repair the thing as quickly and easily as possible.  But I guess it's easier to blame technicians for not working fast...
 You can't assume the keyboard is always in the same area on the screen.  If screen rotation is used, then the keyboard may be in different areas of the screen.  Nor is the keyboard the only place where people interact with the touch screen.  Uniform accuracy is a good thing for touch screens.  Possible solution:  "Just don't hold it that way" or "Just don't touch it there".  One would think that automated testing tools would be the most objective and unbiased method for...
 So how does the speed of Thunderbolt 2 compare with the fastest PCI Express slots?  A previous poster wrote that it was comparable to x4 speed, or 1/4 of an x16 slot.
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