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 I expect to see much ridicule about what the house will look like, based on iOS and Yosemite UI.  Who's up to it?  Any takers?
 Actually, headphone jacks, RCA and coax cables made us realize that a long time ago.  And even though reversible USB plugs are not official spec, I think they did exist before Apple's Lightning plug. The other issue with USB is why they require different connectors on each end of the cable for a computer and a device.  Doesn't seem to be a problem with Firewire or Thunderbolt.
 Wifi syncing in iTunes still needs improvement.  Devices sometimes disappear from iTunes for no reason and there is no quick way to make them reappear without restarting either the device or the computer, or both.
And the people in Apple's "Lemmings" commercial?
A pressure sensitive mouse would be good for graphics applications and perhaps some games.
Seems to me like you just listed both ends of the extremes:  Companies that "maintain insane levels of backwards compatibility" and companies that end support for things at the drop of a hat.
If companies which are more interested in locking down employees, tracking employee data and invading user privacy can do it better by using Android devices, which phone would they choose to purchase companywide?
 Should the same rules and defenses apply to comparisons of Mac market share?  Apple fans think Microsoft and PC makers should be panicking over Apple's increasing Mac market share which is still about 11 or 12 percent, but these same fans think nobody should be worried about this reported 30 percent share for Android?
New Posts  All Forums: