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 You can request AT&T to unlock your subsidized phone after the 2 year contract is paid off: https://www.att.com/deviceunlock/client/en_US/ But this new bill will let you unlock your phone at any time, even before the 2 years is up?
 Also need to watch for how the Reduce Transparency option affects applications, whether using normal or dark mode.
I would rather see iOS issues addressed, rather than people just saying "But Android is worse".
I'd be curious to know what accounting software Apple uses for their own company, and on which operating system.
 Yeah, simply reformat the Mac hard drive to run Windows only.   But that's ok, as long as the computer has an Apple logo on it. At this point, Apple can discontinue Mac computers and OS X,  and people would happily defend the decision.  Of course Apple would also make xCode available for Windows so people can continue developing for iPhones and iPads.
Hope Photos will be optimized for multiple monitors like Aperture.
 I always wondered what type of iOS device Apple was demoing at their special events until I realized it was an iPhone with the top and bottom cut off.  It did look cool though.  A smaller bezel makes the screen look bigger.  I'm surprised Apple didn't use this as a way to to get around the complaints of iPhone screens being too small.
 Love those chamfered edges.
New Posts  All Forums: