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Since Apple does not even use Macs in their own datacenters, imagine what sort of OS they are running in there. Maybe they call it Wac OS?  Maybe that's where North Korea "borrowed" it from.
What is it like to use a 30 Hz display?
I wonder if the SSD in the Mac Pro can saturate 4 PCIe lanes, or even 2 lanes.  If not, then it would have been better to have 2 SSD slots, each with 2 PCIe lanes.  Better yet would be to have 2 SSD slots that automatically run in single x4 or dual x2 mode depending on whether a second SSD is installed.
 What the article means by "bootable backup" is this: Format a new secondary hard drive so it contains no OS, no data.Set Time Machine to back up to this new empty drive.After Time Machine backup is completed, try to boot directly from that drive.
Yeah, just like no sense having dual GPUs, right?  Even the Mac Mini can support 2 internal hard drives.  So I guess that means the Mac Mini makes no sense.
The 2 GPU boards appear to be identical, so why only 1 SSD slot?
Having to manually map folders in Mail to IMAP folders.  No option to automatically use the same user name and password as the receiving server in SMTP settings.
 Was your last sentence meant to disprove what the original poster wrote?  I figured that after you referred to people with words like "ill-informed claptrap", FUD, and paranoid, you would have offered something more insightful or concrete to justify your berating of those people.  Yet your last sentence is not relevant to the original poster's comment, and it certainly does not disprove anything he wrote.
 Not so clear as you make it out to be, since the Constitution does not specifically mention cell phones or emails  
 The real "problem" is that Apple does not have wireless charging in its own devices.  As soon as Apple introduces iPhones with wireless charging, even if it only works with Apple branded chargers, all the dismissals of this feature will suddenly disappear. Apple will not make a video iPod. Nobody cares about a video iPod.Apple should not allow third parties to create native iPhone applications. Nobody cares about native iPhone applications.Apple will never switch to Intel...
New Posts  All Forums: