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 So how does the speed of Thunderbolt 2 compare with the fastest PCI Express slots?  A previous poster wrote that it was comparable to x4 speed, or 1/4 of an x16 slot.
 Can it CrossFire under Mac OS for 3D work applications, as in both cards rendering the same 3D model in parallel?
 What nice backhanded spin.  This is like saying Apple "had to" make Macs easier to use than PCs because Apple customers are illiterate morons who don't know anything about computers.  You mean like Apple's own iPad Keyboard Dock: http://www.amazon.com/Apple-iPad-Keyboard-Dock-Package/dp/B0040HEMP8
 But it's not red.
 I don't understand this reasoning.  By making hard drives more difficult or time consuming to replace, aren't they actually increasing the "operational burden of field service"?
 Who gets to decide whether something is a "security problem" that really does need to be fixed?
 Actually, more like "Apple already makes everything right", "Anybody who complains is an idiot", "If you don't like it don't buy it", etc.
Just let me change the color of the standard keyboard in iOS 7.
 What about text messages from blocked numbers?
Will you be able to access PhotoStream pictures using a web browser?
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