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When buying a personal computer, the "average home consumer" typically chooses the same thing they use at work for these reasons1. To be able to use all the same applications without having to relearn anything2. To get free tech support from the IT people You want the average home consumer to choose the Mac, then the goal should be to make Macs the computer of choice for key people at work including managers, directors and C level officers.  Getting Macs adopted from the...
How about bringing this "feature parity" to Lync client for Mac also?
The "crooks" comments are basically something along the lines of "it's only a crime if you get caught" or "being an asshole is not illegal".  While Apple probably committed no crime in this case, it does cause some to question their business practices.  Would a "good guy" even consider asking for such one-sided terms in the first place?  Is it normal business practice, even for "good guys", to lowball the negotiation and ask for ridiculous terms just to see if the other...
Careful before you start another argument over overseas sweatshop conditions, fair wages, etc.  Of course, one could always say that those overseas employees voluntarily signed on to work in the factories.  The factory owners didn't kidnap the workers as babies, so nothing wrong.
I'm curious how much this "feature parity" is due to Ballmer no longer being Microsoft's CEO.
  I wish more Mac users would comment on issues like these.  People who take potshots about stuff like pretty colors or icons don't truly understand the problems that Mac Office users are experiencing.  Do we really think we are just going to ask Office for Windows users to please not use certain features because it doesn't work with my Mac?  Especially some of those collaboration features in Outlook such as task assignments.  More likely, they will try to use those...
 I'll tell you what the real "abomination" is - Authors not defining acronyms used in the articles they write.  This article was frustrating to read, not because of political issues, but because it throws the letters "LGBT" around like some commonplace acronym that apparently everybody is supposed to understand.
Anyone know the storage capacity of the secure element, like how many credit cards and passes it is capable of storing?
 I think even if Steve Jobs himself appeared in some unreleased self biopic, people would be dissatisfied with his own acting, portrayal, on-screen presence or whatever artsy term people are using these days.
 Rumors also claim that the Chinese factories which create the finished display covers were getting only about 20% yield out of the sapphire shipped to them by GTAT.  Is 20% yield considered normal in this industry?  With all the talk about Apple having such high standards, has anyone questioned whether those Chinese factories could do something to improve their yield?
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