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 The video said you can use your fingerprint to make iTunes purchases.  The guy in the video also said fingerprints are stored only on the phone's CPU, not iCloud or anywhere else.  If that is the case, how do the systems on the other end know the fingerprint is valid?  For functions other than unlocking the phone, does a fingerprint serve as direct authentication, or does it simply work to unlock an existing password?
  How is this different from the fact that the latest version of Mac OS X is preinstalled on all new Macs?       That would be possible for Windows because people can remove Windows 8 from a PC and install Windows 7 or XP if they want.  Can't do the same for Macs because Macs will only run on the same or higher version of Mac OS X that it shipped with.  So if articles like this annoy you, then I presume you will also be annoyed by past Apple keynote speeches in which they...
  What? People still use ethernet?  I thought Apple was all about designing for the future.  Why should the Apple TV should have built in ethernet which only a small minority of people will use?  Instead of ethernet, the Apple TV should have a USB port for attaching a storage device.  Any backward fool who still uses ethernet can buy an Apple USB ethernet adapter for only $29, unless those poor fools are too cheap to buy one.
  Accidental activation of controls was a problem with the earlier iPods that had the touch sensitive buttons and touch sensitive scroll wheel.
  Even if the expansion unit sat next to the Mac Pro, it would be fine.  The point was to have a single unit with several drive bays and slots, along with a single power supply and single power cord.  The Mac Pro could be marketed as a 2 piece workstation, a core unit and an I/O unit.
Based on the Mac Pro web page, it looks like there is only a single SSD slot even though the 2 boards appear identical, except for the slot.  Are these pictures simply from an earlier design and the Mac Pro will have 2 SSD slots when it ships?  Given the apparent simplicity of taking off the cover and installing the SSD card, would Apple actually try to take steps to prevent people from easily adding a second SSD?  For example, they might make a Mac Pro "Server" model as...
  Thank you so much for your decades of service to Apple.  Where would Apple be without you to defend everything they do?
Instead of having multiple external drives, PCI Express boxes, fans and power bricks, someone should make a single Thunderbolt expansion unit with multiple drive bays and PCI Express slots.  It should also have an internal power supply, quiet cooling, and match the aesthetic of the new Macs so they look nice when placed next to each other.  Instead of a single Thunderbolt connection, it should use multiple connections for better speed like one connection for the drive...
This is so funny.  When people complain about prices of Macs compared to PCs, the Mac defenders always use some sort of BMW vs. Ford comparison to justify the Mac's higher price.  Now these same Mac defenders are trashing BMW!
Have all the "external-only expansion is better" crowd thought about what they are going to do with all the extra enclosures, cables, power bricks, cooling fans, and noise that they are going to start collecting?   And by the way, does each of those Thunderbolt connectors get its own dedicated 20 Gbps bandwidth, or is it all shared?
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