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Instead of comparing the quality of recordings with other recordings, shouldn't the real comparison be with the actual performance of the music that is being recorded?
Does the soldered RAM in the Retina MacBook Pro support ECC like the Mac Pro? One would hope that it does, since replacing faulty memory would require replacing the entire logic board.
   Actually, the "big FU" would be for those Apple apologists who insisted that those "neutered" versions of the applications were just fine when they were first released and that Apple didn't have to do anything more.  And this was before Apple made their public announcement committing to adding back many of the features that were removed -- another "big FU" to Apple apologists.  Would Apple have bothered to make such a public announcement, or bothered to add back those...
 In all fairness, Apple's monitor does not rotate to portrait orientation either.  But at least the stand on the Sharp monitor appears to use standard VESA mounting, unlike Apple.  If we are going to ding third party monitors, then Apple monitors should also be dinged for the same reasons.  If Apple monitors get a free pass, then third party monitors should get the same free pass.
This Sharp monitor achieves 60 Hz display through MST.  If OS 10.9.3 will enable running this monitor at 60Hz over DisplayPort on Retina Macbook Pro, does that mean the rMBP will also support daisy chaining DisplayPort 1.2 monitors or using MST hubs such as this one:   http://www.accellcables.com/K088B-003B.html
People are forgetting about colleges providing free IT support for computers purchased through the school, as long as the student is enrolled in the program (MBA, etc.).  Are colleges going to provide free support for computers that a student just goes out and buys from somewhere?  Is an off-campus Apple Store genius going to understand all the special configurations or custom applications used by the school?  Will students now have to make genius bar appointments off...
 Right, whatever.  So you are saying that if we go look at older articles on AppleInsider, MacRumors, Macworld, or discussion sites, we will not find people saying things like: "who cares about wireless charging", "Apple should not waste their time with wireless charging", etc? Typical Apple fanboy spin.  They completely dismiss an idea, but when Apple actually implements that idea, they backtrack and change their story to "Apple was planning to do it all along". Apple...
 Does that mean Apple was betting on the general public's lack of knowledge about display quality in order to get away with selling Macbook Pros with the inferior display panels, and marketing them as "a nuanced view simply unavailable on other portables"?  Or betting on pro-Apple users on sites such as AppleInsider to come to Apple's defense?
Waiting for Apple to make their own (QI incompatible) wireless charging system for iOS devices to see how the wireless charging haters will respond.
   Do Mac users have short memory or selective memory? http://web.archive.org/web/20070409070320/http://www.apple.com/macbookpro/graphics.html http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/74635/apple-hit-with-class-action-suit-over-macbook-macbook-pro-displays Surely cost could not be a reason for Apple using lower quality and less accurate display panels in those Macbook Pros, because Mac users are supposed to be willing to pay more for higher quality parts.  And you can't blame the...
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