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Are you more upset that the "dorks" attempt these hacks, or that they succeed?
I think the problem for many users is that this setting is all the way at the BOTTOM of that long, long page so they don't even know it exists. Perhaps Apple should put the setting before the long, long list of applications.
What brand of hardware and what operating system are those servers running?
Hockey puck mouse --> iPhone 4 -->  You're holding it wrong
Why isn't everyone trashing Samsung like they do in every other article?  The Samsung haters couldn't trash Samsung's LCD and SSD performance which were clearly superior to Apple's other suppliers, and it must have caused them a lot of frustration.  But now with the A9 benchmarks, the haters can finally let it all out.
Why isn't everyone taking this opportunity to bash Samsung?  It must have caused much frustration when people couldn't bash Samsung's superior LCD panels and SSD performance, so I figured this chip story would give the Samsung haters much needed release.
Anyone test receiving phone calls over Wi-Fi calling from a non-Wi-Fi Calling phone?
In some people's minds, just being able to receive an email in the inbox constitutes 'Exchange compatibility', hence all the talk of using Apple Mail in an Exchange Server environment.
How will this affect local iTunes backups being restored to a different device?  Will it know to redownload the correct version of the apps?
 Apple likes to dump a lot of things into Accessibility even when it would make more sense to put them in the relevant settings (Display, Keyboard, etc).  You should see the Accessibility preferences in OS X.  My guess is they think putting the options in the relevant places would exceed their quota for the maximum number of options in a preference pane, so they dump them into Accessibility which people assume is reserved for settings related to disabilities....
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