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  I see.  So it's ok for Apple to create variations of existing connectors.  But when anybody else does it, it's "idiotic" and "confusing".  Thanks.
  Then you will agree that Apple's variations on existing connectors are equally "idiotic" and "confusing"?   Mini VGA Mini DVI Micro DVI Mini Displayport
Interesting how this article seems to dismiss NFC just because Apple is not using it.  But 2 stories below this one on the AI homepage, there is an article "Apple awarded patent for NFC-based cross-platform data transfer solution".  Why would Apple waste time and money working on things that they think people will never use?
Will AuthenTec still operate under its own name and sell products to other companies, or will their products now be exclusive to Apple?  What about other companies which currently use AuthenTec's products? 
Apple needed to have someone left to fill the position while they move the rest of their enironmental group to iOS development.
Just don't tax it that way.   Sent from my iPhone
Just don't tax it that way.   Sent from my iPhone
Apple will not make a video iPod. Nobody wants to watch video on an iPod.   Intel is evil.  Apple will never switch to Intel processors.
Just don't sieze them that way.  Just don't encrypt that way.
Does Pixelmator support Wacom tablets?  Which runs better on older hardware, Pixelmator or Photoshop CS4/5?
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