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 As much as Intuit and Campbell are to blame, they wouldn't be the first company to release products with missing features and then telling people they will add features over time.  Both Intuit and Microsoft could easily point the finger at Apple for doing the same thing with their own Mac applications.  Yet people don't seem to criticize Apple as much for doing the same thing, or they are more likely to dismiss the same complaints when they are directed at Apple.
 Unless I'm mistaken, the idea is that this reversible connector is compatible with existing USB ports on computers, though it may not look like that in the picture.  Here is a YouTube video of the Tripplite reversible USB cable being inserted both ways: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y5F7U47CqqU And the MBA has a USB on each side of the laptop, not next to each other.
  Now that we see this is an Apple patent, these people are likely to change their story to say how elegant and sophisticated Apple's reversible USB connector is.
This is the connector that plugs into the ports currently found on computers, not your iPhone.  I have not seen any indication that Apple plans to replace all USB ports on their Macs with Lightning.
 Because you stopped playing those games, or because game companies have gotten better at simultaneous releases for Mac?  I guess it depends on whether you are speaking as a home user who does not need to collaborate with anyone else beyond answering simple emails or typing up plain text documents, or whether you speak as someone who works in a Windows centric company which uses convoluted applications and features only available for Windows.
 I expect to see much ridicule about what the house will look like, based on iOS and Yosemite UI.  Who's up to it?  Any takers?
 Actually, headphone jacks, RCA and coax cables made us realize that a long time ago.  And even though reversible USB plugs are not official spec, I think they did exist before Apple's Lightning plug. The other issue with USB is why they require different connectors on each end of the cable for a computer and a device.  Doesn't seem to be a problem with Firewire or Thunderbolt.
 Wifi syncing in iTunes still needs improvement.  Devices sometimes disappear from iTunes for no reason and there is no quick way to make them reappear without restarting either the device or the computer, or both.
And the people in Apple's "Lemmings" commercial?
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