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Besides missing features, the other issue is the automatic file conversion when opening an older document. Apparently, older files are converted even if you just open them without making any changes. If you are just viewing a file, why should it be overwritten with the new format? If you edit an older file, is there a warning that it will break compatibility with older versions of those apps? When editing an older file, it would be better to just retain the original...
 And just as with Final Cut Pro X, the defense "it's a brand-new version" is Apple being treated differently.  Yes, it was receiving lots of complaints.  But the complaints were generally dismissed and are still being dismissed by the Apple defenders.  Would this happen for any other company?
 Because they wanted to see what they could get away with before having to respond?  If nobody complains, then Apple would assume that  they don't need to do anything else.
If any other company released "updated" versions of their applications with so many missing features, everyone here would ridicule them for rushing premature software out the door. Why is Apple treated differently in this case?
Since these new laptops have Thunderbolt 2, will they support daisy chaining of DisplayPort 1.2 monitors?   What version of HDMI does the HDMI connector use?  Will it support 30 inch (2560x1600) monitors?  4K?
If I search for apps will I get a page and link to the App Store app?
 And don't forget to throw in several French expressions in the articles, a practice which seems to be fashionable among journalists writing for English language magazines and newspapers.
 Apple and every Apple fan claims that Apple hold themselves to a higher standard.  I guess it's ok for them to claim it, but not ok for people to call them on it?  The more Apple and fanbois trash talk the competition and draw attention to themselves, the more it will come back to bite them when Apple has issues of their own.  No double standard here.  Don't act like Apple fanbois aren't doing the same thing with Microsoft and Samsung products every time those companies...
 People could give examples of things that do not work properly in Mavericks, some of which are problems which existed in previous versions of Mac OS X and are still not fixed in Mavericks.  But you would just respond by saying things like who cares, I don't use those features, get used to it, it's a feature not a bug, etc.
What does compatibility between Mac OS and iOS versions have to do with removing features from Mac OS version?  Couldn't they just add the features to the iOS version while leaving the Mac OS version intact?   What does "it's a brand-new version" have to do with missing features?  Does that mean you delete all your previous work from your servers, delete all the previous code from your records, and pretend that those previous versions never existed?   Before this...
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