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  Because if GTAT did not sign the agreement, then we would all be trashing them for it regardless of what Apple was asking for.  So GTAT will always look like the bad guy.
     If GTAT tried to counteroffer, or if they simply walked away without signing the deal, then they would surely be scorned by just about every Apple fan on the internet.  Apple will always be viewed as the "good guy" so Apple's terms will always be fair and free of any ulterior motives. "Who needs GTAT?""There are plenty of other suppliers willing to agree to Apple's terms without question", etc. So GTAT would look like the bad guy no matter what.
GTAT could still get blamed though. GTAT: "We gave you the sapphire but the other guys couldn't process it correctly." Other guys:  "You gave us defective sapphire." Question is whether GTAT is responsible for those yield issues.
 I think the appropriate analogy would be Mercedes not putting seatbelts or antitheft systems in their cars because Mercedes owners are better drivers than everyone else, and they only drive in "good" neighborhoods.
  It has nothing to do with a person's age.  It applies to all people who simply don't read computer news sites at all, let alone Apple rumor sites.  We should certainly be beyond the days of having to search various websites to find an OS update.
Can someone enlighten us as to when it is ok for a company to say Well everyone else does it vs. We should do better?  Because most of the time it seems rather arbitrary.
Now let's see some military field testing under combat conditions 
 Maybe Apple doesn't want downgraders messing with their iOS adoption rate numbers that they publish after every major release.
Actually, his "miserable grammar" suggests British English, in which an organization is referred to in the plural.
Besides people's Macs at home, should we also be concerned that companies we do business with may be storing our personal, medical, financial data on vulnerable servers?
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