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Couldn't we also blame Apple for not making them a better offer?  It's not like Apple doesn't engage in product placement also.
I'm not sure who deserves more bashing: Apple for releasing this problematic update or the people who are still denying/dismissing the issue.  Public perception of Apple is not based solely on the company but also the attitudes of their user community, just as I'm sure Apple fans here will say about Android/Windows/Linux users.      
I would expect that after the file was downloaded, iOS would validate the file before actually installing it.  And notify the user if the file was somehow corrupt.  Unless you mean those electronics and RF noise in a studio could corrupt the installation process itself?
Quote: Originally Posted by MusicInclusive    Additionally, some iPad musicians who accidentally updated to iOS 8 are seeking to take advantage of the short term ability to downgrade again to 7.1.2   That ability is no longer available.  Bragging about iOS 8 adoption rates while preventing people from undoing the upgrade on older devices is disingenuous.
This brings up an important point.  It really seems that Apple does not test their apps with large data sets.  Just because the new Photos app looks fine with 1 picture from the camera, 1 picture from iPhoto, and 1 picture from Photo Stream, do we just assume that it will work fine with 5000 pictures from all these different sources combined? Another example is the lack of any auto-arrange options (by name, date, priority) in Reminders for iOS.  When you have a list with...
I guess it's a good thing you deleted items from the camera roll while you were still able to know which photos were taken on your phone and which were synced with iPhoto or Aperture, and which were shared from Photo Stream.
 Does this mean we don't get to bash Corning Gorilla Glass in forums anymore?  
So your iPad will feel heavier when you fill up more of the memory?
 So external hard drives no longer have a Firewire, USB or Thunderbolt icon?  I always thought it was a nice touch.  Or does that only replace the generic white disk image icon?
New Posts  All Forums: