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It's...Litigiception!   BWAAAAHHHHHM
Ohh, OK, that makes a lot more sense.
Waitwaitwaitwait…is that an iMac G4?
Maybe they're eloping.
Rival companies like Samsung pulling shit like this is exactly why Apple is so religious about doing everything they possibly can themselves.
Now that, I don't quite get. Would it really be impossible to keep subpixel rendering independent of the screen orientation?
  Oops, I guess I should be checking back more frequently. Thanks for the compliments! I used modo for that. Also, LOL at the arguments springing up from this...thing I literally just tossed out in a few hours without a single thought about how components would physically fit inside.  I was riffing on the idea from Mrgan's list of nonsense Apple product names, that's all. Take a Mac Pro, make it thin.
  Actually, I made that a while back after I read a post on Neven Mrgan's Tumblr. Never did get around to modelling any of the others. :P
J.J. released a Star Trek parody, à la Galaxy Quest, not a Star Trek movie per se. Although I've gotta say, I wouldn't object to taking a ride on a beer-powered starship either. :)
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