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I don't think it counts as a "shakeup" unless something changes.
I'd hate to be the guy who ends up with that .4 of an iPad.
Wait...it took this long to outcompete that sitting duck? I dunno whether to be annoyed at Apple for not trying very hard, or ashamed of Canadians for being so needlessly masochistic.
What's that saying? "Reality has an Apple bias"?
iPad 2 still expected to dominate tablet market. In other news, rain still expected to be wet.
Wish they would just admit to reality and close up shop already. RIM is a national embarrassment, and after having provided the world with Céline Dion, Alanis Morrisette, Nickelback, Avril Lavigne and Justin Bieber, we do not f*cking need more of this. By any reasonable measure, Canada should already be a bomb crater.
Seconded, but IIRC, she also did computer voices in the original series. Granted, it was a hokey 60s version of a computer voice, so it sounded quite different, but I'm pretty sure she played Starfleet computers on every series except Enterprise. God knows there must be a lot of recordings of her computer voice-over work in some Paramount vault somewhere. Perhaps enough to synthesize a voice from...?I vaguely remember Steve Jobs flippantly dismissing products or features,...
Well, someone ought to be sinking some money into this stuff, so why not Google? I want a robot girlfriend before I'm too old to enjoy her, goddammit.
Uninstalled and re-downloaded the app, and it seems fine now.
It wasn't there at first, but I've since checked again and it's up. The downside: at least for me, it crashes immediately. I've rebooted my iPad with no effect. I am jailbroken, though — is it working any better for those of you on stock iOS? (i.e. it's conceivable they designed it to fail on JB'd devices Ã* la iBooks, and we'll have to wait a few hours or days for the fix to arrive via Cydia)
New Posts  All Forums: