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None of that makes it a good idea to charge money for it, IMO. I'm not saying it isn't justified, because I'm sure it is; I'm just saying that nobody with two brain cells to rub together will start paying for it when it emerges from beta when there are superior alternatives available for free. This isn't the desktop office suite market, where nearly everybody pays ridiculous amounts of money for a product which has free equivalents just because it's what Microsoft told...
Nice of Apple to post up some comic relief by suggesting that to avoid the horrifying spectre of malware, Mac users should install what is essentially the only malware OS X users have ever been impacted by in any notable number. However, it's irresponsible for them to put comic relief in a knowledge base article. Dan Dilger wrote an article back in April explaining why the market share argument concerning Mac malware doesn't hold up, titled The Unavoidable Malware...
I live in Nova Scotia, and I think it's safe to say those people are on seven different kinds of crack.
If AT&T is cool with paying for the WiFi-capable coffee maker, TV and home security and automation systems I'd need to take advantage of ol' Ralphie's daydream, and installation and support for all of the above, then hell, sure.
Ah, so that's what they meant by a "Mac suite" being in the works!
I've never heard that saying before, but it's so awesome and perfect it hurts my face.
Hmm, yeah. Or they might just make it a field of John Hodgemans (John Hodgemen? ) in different clothes, perhaps even with casually dressed ones mixed in, to tie it in more strongly with the existing ad series. They might even take the opportunity to point out something that Dan here has on several occasions... "Hi, I'm a PC, and I have a virus. I can't do my work today. I can't show you my pictures or music today. [I like that one of yours, BTW — it sounds like PC is sorry...
Do I hear Apple's next slogan and ad campaign? (Actually, no, I've had that GIF laying around since I did it up for fun in Oct. 2005...might've said "playing" instead of "gaming" if I were to do it again, hehe)
Microsoft. Putting the "bogus" back in Bogusky.™ Close, but it's actually a two-part touch sensor just under the shell, if I'm not mistaken.
I chuckled when I saw John Applese— I mean...John Turnipseed on the buddy list.
New Posts  All Forums: