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Console-quality graphics, without that pesky multiple-frames-per-second issue we keep hearing about in other game engines! Don't forget Unity, which does, in fact, now publish to both iOS and the major consoles in addition to the Mac and PC. They made the basic version free a while back, too (although iOS deployment requires an extra, paid license).They don't roll that way, but ohh God, if only. All kidding and sarcasm aside, they would seriously be doing a service to...
How on earth did DED get away with calling Lion's icons "high-contrast"? They're either the same photorealistic stuff they've been doing for years (i.e. app icons) or illegible light gray on lighter gray (sidebars). iOS toolbar icons I can see getting that description, but even then that's just incidental because it happened to make good design sense for toolbars. The entire premise of the Metro UI as a whole is that it's high-contrast and blocky, so it wouldn't make sense...
Haha...they really will do absolutely anything to avoid going back to the Half-Life series.
I just assumed Dan Dilger wrote it until I looked up and saw it wasn't him, actually.
Let's face it (no pun intended), Apple is not known for writing good software outside their own platforms. It's just as well they haven't released a FaceTime client for Windows; were they to do so, I wouldn't be surprised if it were reviled as the worst thing since iTunes (and thus not used very much on non-Apple platforms anyway). On topic, I'm a Skype user, so it'd be sad and quite inconvenient to see it killed off like this.
It'd make sense specifically if they want to roll out Thunderbolt ports in all their machines. Having collaborated with Intel on the spec, I'm sure they're very mindful of the peril of leaving any long-standing gaps in their own support for it at this vulnerable, early stage in its life cycle.
Dan wrote an article without using the words "frantic" or "desperate". I'm kind of impressed.
Indeed. I'm of the opinion that we'll eventually see Macs with ARM-based processors. After all, they already ported OS X to ARM once.
This is hilarious! You would quite literally be far better off by buying two iPads and duct-taping them together: it'd be much faster, get much better battery life, run software which someone not being coerced at gunpoint might actually want to use, be more portable...and still be cheaper! The only thing you'd be skimping on is storage space, and that's a matter of usage habits. Someone really oughta develop some kind of dual-iPad synchronization software (maybe for...
That depends on which client you use and what its settings are, I'd say. Mine is set to do the former, with a bit of a "momentum" effect which makes it easier to flick the cursor over a large distance. You could most likely find quite a few examples of iPad VNC apps in action on YouTube.
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