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That's a good description. Jaadu, the one I currently use, also supports a two-fingered scrolling gesture, pinching/unpinching to scale the screen image (since there are usually many more pixels on the host's screen than on the client), dragging via double-tap-and-drag gesture, and has a little toolbar at the top for things like keyboard input or special keys not present on iOS' built-in keyboard. It'll never be quite as easy as using the Mac itself, directly, but that's...
Anything you'd normally do sitting at the Mac itself, just...y'know, from your couch or whatever. There are several VNC clients available on the App Store, which means they could take advantage of this feature as well. I already use Jaadu on my iPhone to check in on my computer from time to time or co-ordinate tasks that require more than one machine on different floors of my house.
As I commented on TUAW, what I'd like to see is a "smart" carrying bag, which puts the iPad to sleep when you drop it in and wakes it back up when you pull it out. Now that we know there's only one sensor, we know such a bag would only require four small magnets — one for each possible orientation of the iPad. Heck, even before some accessory company comes out with it, we might see a DIY version from someone who's handy with a sewing machine.
Nope, it was indeed Leopard. And I agree that Cover Flow doesn't look good at all with app icons, or really any OS X icons. Even document icons depict a folded-down corner, which, judging by its shadow, should stick out a bit when viewed on an angle. Same thing with the slightly-open folder icons. It instantly breaks the illusion of dimension and tangibility that those icons' designers have painstakingly crafted (and which Apple themselves say in the HIG is essential to...
Ridiculously simple workaround available on Cydia in 3...2...1...
There are already thousands of people who spend their days doing nothing but criticizing one of the most successful and innovative tech companies for no better reason than because they are Apple.
Neither can anyone who wants to pay money for it. Kind of hard on your back. Gotta lift from the knees.
Remember how the original iPod shuffle had a "do not eat" disclaimer? Maybe one day we'll see them reminding users that it's bad etiquette to floss with their iPhones.
Man, I am so glad I'm saving up for one of these things ahead of time.
Sigh...once the jailbreak for iOS 4.2 comes out, I guess I'm finally going to have to downgrade from iTunes 9.2.1 and start replacing the graphical resources and that abomination of an icon with every single update that comes out. I was looking forward to being able to sidestep that whole neverending struggle against Apple for a while longer.
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