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I'd sell my stock too if it was invested in Microsoft.
Heh. Well, as "snappy" as can be expected on a 3G. Being the owner of one, I can say that nothing about it could truly be described as such anymore, but I'm willing to put up with a...shall we say, more punctuated experience, rather than struggling to afford an off-contract 3GS or iPhone 4.
Of course it'll run fine on iPhone 3Gs. Only jailbroken ones, that's all.
Apple has been trying to pretend to be, and has done nothing but embarrass themselves in the process. That's all.
Wait a second. Wow. What'd you just say?Please hold on a sec while I run an image search for facepalms larger than 10 megapixels.
A sad day for those who try to argue against the stereotype of blind Apple fanboyism. Every second during which MobileMe or Ping remain online serves as further proof that Apple is not an internet company by any stretch of the imagination.
Or, maybe more likely, the other 75% either can't figure out what that would mean (remember, most computer users are largely computer-illiterate) or just don't care one way or the other.
Fair enough — that leaves the door open for them to recall the iPhone 4, the third-generation iPod shuffle, MobileMe, and a whole whack of Time Capsules.
They'd better get started, then.
Nah, I'd love for Apple to prove me wrong, I just don't think it's in them — they've never seemed to show any interest in Mac gaming except at Stevenotes, where it evaporates the millisecond he leaves the stage. I'd never presume to have any insider information, just seeing how Apple's behaved on the subject in the past. In my eyes, that only makes the work of you and the rest of Valve all the more impressive. Edit: Also, I managed to get 10.6.4 fully up and running...
New Posts  All Forums: