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Y'know, even with rbarris' word on it, I don't believe for a second that Apple is suddenly, magically becoming Not-Apple and contributing any effort towards Mac gaming. Sure, Valve clearly cares a lot about it, and maybe even AMD and nVidia (which would be an incredible stretch, considering where their allegiances understandably lie), but Apple? Lol no. If they were any more apathetic to the idea, I'd say they were definitively against it.
So, if we ever see another Star Trek series, we can expect to hear lines about setting one's phasers to Authenticate?
Your comment.
It absolutely is. @edwardryu: Lost Coast was a sort of "public beta" Valve released at some point before Episode One to test some new features they'd come up with including high dynamic range support, developer commentary, and new techniques for modeling and texturing their characters, and to invite community feedback on the aforementioned. Hey, if Lost Coast and the episodes come over, too, that'll be all the games I had installed on my Windows partition — I'll finally...
Not to crap on the good news, which it certainly is, but everything after the first sentence has been covered (and re-covered) in previous articles. Just feels like a whole lot of filler, is all.
Pretty much guaranteed to be rejected, but there's always hope that it'll spur Apple on to build in that functionality themselves. Let's say...iPhone OS 5.0?
Wow. 512 MB of RAM would've been slightly disappointing, but we'd all just shake our heads and accept it because it was Apple. 256 MB is self-sabotage looking forward. And I must admit I'm a little irritated by all the trolls — yes, trolls — saying that every possible inadequacy in the iPad is automatically excused (and perhaps even a feature!) because its display happens to be bigger. Cameras aren't useless, or there wouldn't be one in the iPhone and numerous apps that...
Jailbreaking is a result of user dissatisfaction, not the other way around.
I signed up on the off chance that they'd humour me even though my only Intel Mac other than an anemic Mini is actually an upgraded Compaq. I already own the Orange Box on Windows, so whenever I do get Steam up and running on this side, I'll have something ready to play.
The more I hear from and about Adobe, the more I want Apple to develop their own modern Photoshop equivalent. Even just buy up Pixelmator and develop the bejeezus out of it. We need alternatives to Adobe's waste products. (BTW. anyone wanna take bets on how long Adobe will hold out before discontinuing Mac development altogether and relying on Cider ports?)
New Posts  All Forums: