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More like wildly swerving to avoid the point and run over Apple, by the looks of it.
Marvin, you have some good points, even if the better part of your games list is Ciderized (which I've always had kind of a problem with on the premise that it usurps the place of actual Mac development). OK, so if Valve debuted Steam on OS X, what then? I might be biased toward "real" games, but I don't think a so-so-sized collection of casual games at launch would be enough to really sell it. Would Valve actually go to the trouble to do a really top-notch native Mac...
Interesting. Even encouraging, perhaps.If they weren't living in Roddenberry's utopian society, the Next Gen crew woulda had some kickass holodeck FPS's. I'm with you about the controllers, though...the keyboard and mouse have always felt roomier to me, more comfortable.
...and meant specifically for games. But yeah, good analogy.
OK, I realize I sounded very much like a troll in my previous post, but none of the opposing arguments so far have convinced me otherwise. Rewriting the Steam client for OS X isn't a trivial task (although I'm sure it's nothing like trying to port a game), and they'd be doing it for a handful of existing casual games, essentially providing a place to keep them in a list (which I already do with a stack on my Dock) and keep track of how many hours you've spent on each...
Absolutely zero chance of this, or reason for Valve to do it. Next article, please.
Sorry, I posted my little flamelet there and completely forgot about the thread. I didn't mean to slam Dilger in general — I read RD from time to time, and his writing is usually amazingly coherent, intelligent and (to whoever is the butt of a given article) scathing. It's just that he seems to have this pathological inability to turn the magnifying glass on the Apple of today (as opposed to 90s near-death Apple, which he's frequently brought up) and call them out on...
With every second word in the jailbreak-related portion of the article being "hacker", "exploit" or "unauthorized", I was 100% sure Dan Dilger had written it. I was shocked to see he got Katie Marsal doing it too, unless she happens to be "Prince McLean"'s sister.
Given that they felt that way about the Mac long before the iPhone was developed, I'd say it carried over from the Mac. And while I share the sentiment that gaming should be made viable on the Mac, I don't see Apple sharing it in the foreseeable future. If anything, I'd say this 3.x stuff is maintenance, just to keep from getting too woefully behind the times. They would need to ramp their efforts way up on both the OS and hardware sides to make OS X attractive to game...
I have no idea why (other than the obvious basic appeal of a handheld gaming platform), but they seem to be OK with gaming on the iPhone/iPod touch platform. It's puzzling, because they've traditionally stonewalled game development on the Mac.
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