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Forgot my [sarcasm][/sarcasm] tags. The implication is that Apple, despising the use of OS X for mere games as they do, would rather continue lagging behind the state of the art (after all, how many of those new features do they need to draw windows on the screen?), and supporting 3.1 and/or 3.2 would be getting too close for comfort. My apologies if I was too subtle.
I call BS. OpenGL 4 isn't even out yet, and besides, if they did something like this, someone might try making a game for OS X.
I think the "fixing" of Flash is so far beyond the realm of possibility that it doesn't even occur to anyone anymore. It's mainly for one reason, too: we're not using Windows like Adobe wants us to.
As opposed to what...a feature release that ignores existing bugs?
Personally, I hope they don't use "Lion" until the very last (i.e. ultimate) iteration of OS X (which I always pronounce as "ten", btw). The symbolism is too good to pass up. Also, how can Microsoft be working on Windows 8 when they haven't even released a Windows 7.0 so far? Will they just try to bulls**t everyone even harder than they already are, and stick with the fake number? Go back to names, nonsense initials or year numbers? Who knows?
So the real question, then, is whether Samsung can bring the "ss".
The Macintosh platform. /thread
To put it the nice way, you're years ahead of your time; it hasn't reached that point yet. File system access, SSH, an easy/fast way to turn off the cell radio but not wi-fi or turn your backlight up or down, even basic visual customization, user-controllable multitasking (if the user so chooses, and with their battery life in their own hands), notifications of email/SMS/news/weather/etc. on the lock screen, and the ability to work with files between multiple applications,...
Commenters, on the other hand, are milking it for all it's worth. I guess it balances...sorta...
I don't remember reading about how 10.4.0 or 10.5.0 had bugs that could eradicate one's entire home folder, or anything else quite that bad, so...ehh. \ And there's no doubt that Apple earned that #1 spot, but will they keep it with so many high-profile failures coming out? It's just worrying, is all. Maybe not entirely justifiably, but worrying nonetheless.
New Posts  All Forums: