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I posted on a certain other forum a while back on this subject, saying that when you open the prefpane for Exposé, you should see something like: (And that's if there are enough people who, for some reason, like the new style to justify even keeping it as an option at all.) I shudder to think where Apple's quality control is headed. MobileMe, iPod shuffle with no controls, ever-mounting hardware complaints for pretty much every laptop model, Time Capsules, and...
Really? You haven't read anything about MM since its launch? (Aside from the fact that they're charging a hundred dollars — every year, let alone ever — for free services) Well, if you happen to like it, more power to you, I guess.
And the article describes a situation in which Microsoft tries to transition from someone else's dog food to their own. I don't see how that doesn't work with the accepted definition.
MobileMe is its own special brand of disaster. Not anywhere near the scale of the Sidekick fiasco, but not something the existence of which Apple should be admitting, let alone advertising.
My guess is that it's because of all the extra features they've built into the Flash-based player that wouldn't be there (at least, not consistently across platforms) with any given browser's generic video player.
Google are the ones doing the conversion. Everything uploaded to YouTube is initially available as Flash video; meanwhile, YouTube's machines convert it to H.264 behind the scenes. Once that's done, the H.264 version becomes available to any device that wants it, such as the iPhone. Flash isn't involved at all on the iPhone's end. It's a resource-intensive operation, but Google has computing horsepower oozing out their pores, so it hardly matters.
Wha? No, no, I was highlighting his mention of the web/Web/wtfever to point out the distinction between Flash embedded in a page and Flash running inside its own little application environment. I don't particularly care about the capitalization.
Er, what? It actually is easier. It treats the video as a big honking button, which, by virtue of being bigger, is a whole lot easier to hit. Very similar argument to the debate of menu bars attached to individual windows (Windows) vs. a single menu bar that occupies the entire top edge of the screen (Mac OS). The Mac's menu bar is a bigger target, especially vertically, making it dead easy to hit compared to a Windows menu bar. That said, that usability debate doesn't...
Ah, but that's just the thing. I, too, can't wait to see Flash wither away and eventually vanish from the Web, but in this particular case, we're talking about individual applications custom-made for the iPhone platform. Not ads or games or cartoons embedded in a Web page meant for desktop PCs, but iPhone apps that happen to have been authored using Flash. I don't think Flash content poses quite the same problems (that is, if they've been able to improve its processor and...
That doesn't necessarily mean that Flash will still be popular or widely used at that time. Apple's goal in that respect is to set a precedent, on the mobile side, for using open standards as opposed to Flash, so that by the time smartphones do become the dominant Web-browsing platform, they'll be on the right track and "used to" doing things using those standards. (Naturally, whether it'll pan out like that remains to be seen.)
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