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macbook air users please vote in poll on which size mba you got and give reasons. 
are people picking mbp over mba in 2012. in my opinion the 13 inch mba is apples best 13 inch laptop. apple does not release sales breakdown, are people buying mba over mbp? would you still pick a 15 mbp over mba? ssd and no optical make mba very attractive.
good point
is now a bad time to buy a mbp with the rumored update?
which apple portable would you get now with approx $2000, macbook pro i7 or ultimate macbook air.
which mbp would you get 15 inch i7 or 17 inch i5? both would meet my computing needs. is it worth getting the bigger screen?
Anyone who owns a 17 notice eyestrain/headache from the high res screen?
just basic computing, web, email, itunes, word. I like the high res screen, longer battery life, and the 17 has the best speakers. Is it worth $800 more than the low end 15 that will be enough power to meet my needs?
I will not connect it to an external monitor. The size of the notebook is the size of the screen that I will use as my main computer, so it will be a 13, 15, or 17 inch screen no external monitor.
Is the 17 inch MBP too big? I was thinking about getting one to replace a 15 inch and wonder if the 17 inch is out of the mainstream, it seems most buy the 13 inch. What do you think of the 17 inch, too big for a portable? I am not a frequent travel and use my notebook at home wirelessly.
New Posts  All Forums: