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What Nagrome said is correct, as is what you just said.  Ionizing radiation COMES FROM emission of particles from atoms through radioactive decay, and causes ionization.   C
Ballmer is such a douche bag. I seriously wish that guy would have the massive heart attack he deserves and just die. C
in app purchases are just a bad bad, evil idea. f*** zynga and all imitators. c
lulz. Someone get this guy some medication. Involuntary commitment, anyone? C
This is just getting ridiculous. Smells like a personal vendetta. C
I would up-vote this if I could. Seconded on the vaporware. C
Takes a real man to admit he was wrong. Unless he was actually right. In which case he would be wrong in his admission, and would go without admitting that he was wrong about when he was wrong, when he was actually right. And that's just wrong. C
I think the more important thing to consider here, instead of whether CR's informal blog is rigorously fact based or simply an opinion column (I don't think there's really that much room for argument on that count), is whether they should even HAVE such an informal aspect to their publications at all. Their reputation is (at least purportedly) built upon being objective, yet they have embraced the opinion blog as a tool with which to break into the internet age. I think...
Military uses 100 Mile Per Hour tape, cause it has a cooler name, and is Olive Drab. C
"Probably" is not a fact filled word. More like conjecture or speculation. Duck/t tape: SRS BZNS C
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