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College promotion for $200 off ends Sep 16th. I am betting they wait until this is over - not giving money on the new stuff - and clearing out inventory. But I am waiting to buy my iMac until after the Tuesday before- the 11th. b
But they could never appear together in public. Not enough room in any space for their combined egos.
Did search the forum but no direct answers so: 1. If I get an iMac from say an Amazon, so I can't upgrade the memory at purchase they give me two 512 chips. Rather than toss them both can I pull 1 and replace with a 2 GB - so I have 2.5 - or is there some balancing issue? 2. I assume that replacing iMac memory is relatively easy to do? While not generally fussing around in computers I have replaced boards and memory in a Dell and a HD for a Tivo so assuming it...
Will be getting an iMac - was thinking January but if they announce they are going to to launch Leopard in say March a couple of questions. 1. Do they usually have some sort of offer if I buy the old OS to get the new one for free (sort of like Windows Vista right now)? 2. Since I can wait would folks recommend waiting rather than try and upgrade the operating system? I know on Windows I wouldn't even consider it - I'd wait until I could get Vista. thanks
Well the Apple taps out at 2.33 Merom - as I understand it I can get 15-20% from going Conroe and 15-20% by investing in a faster chip (although everyone has a different benchmark claim - and of course it depends on program). And of course the faster chip is not an option unless I go MacPro - though hoping it will be on the next refresh. Of course if the only thing that slows something down is rendering and it is 90 seconds instead of 60 seconds 5-6 times when...
Still feel that I will miss iMac not having a Conroe type chip but since you guys actually do this sure you are right. The idea that I could a meaningful jump in performance (30-50%) just irks me. It also sounds like I should worry about HD and HD content with my next purchase and let 3-4 years of microprocessor development catch up. Good advice about the resell - and I am likely going with the 20" - although the resale option after say 3 years might get me thinking...
Quick question for all you video/tech folks. Time for a new computer. I am just starting to download camcorder video to my PC and expect I will go to a HD camcorder in about a year. I intend to do a bit of editing of family/personal stuff - and burn out DVD's - nothing very taxing. Nothing else I would do needs more power. The issue gets to processors. I have rationalized the iMac and the inability to use the screen after I retire the computer in 3-4 years (it...
Sorry no - 534 million to 463 million - Dell spends less on R&D than Apple. Of course they are dwarfed by HP at 3.5 billion - but most of that is obviosuly not PC based.
They have one of the worst air safety records of any major airline with First Officers sitting mute while the Captain makes errors that crash planes. The only thing I am not clear on is whether this is just an overreaction to the fact that an incident would put them up there with the worst airlines in the world in terms of safety; or if it is an attempt to give Korean companies some help in the laptop and battery arena. Korea is a very xenophobic and protectionist country.
Yeah I probably am. Thanks for the advice and thoughts - I replaced a Hard Drive on my TIVO so I am not hopeless - but it was well past warranty so I was only risking my "lifetime" subscription. I might also "upgrade" this and in a few months pass to the kids so I can get a new iMac. thanks
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