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They have one of the worst air safety records of any major airline with First Officers sitting mute while the Captain makes errors that crash planes. The only thing I am not clear on is whether this is just an overreaction to the fact that an incident would put them up there with the worst airlines in the world in terms of safety; or if it is an attempt to give Korean companies some help in the laptop and battery arena. Korea is a very xenophobic and protectionist country.
Yeah I probably am. Thanks for the advice and thoughts - I replaced a Hard Drive on my TIVO so I am not hopeless - but it was well past warranty so I was only risking my "lifetime" subscription. I might also "upgrade" this and in a few months pass to the kids so I can get a new iMac. thanks
Hey thinking of repalcing my PC box with a mini - figured I would use my screen, keyboard etc. and save a little over an iMac. And I know rumors defintely suggest I wait a bit in case new minis are on their way. But some questions for you guys (and gals) who know. Have a wireless keyboard/mouse combo from Logitech - can this be used on the Mini or does it depend on which version if it is Mac Compatible On memory am I right in understanding I can't really uprgade mini...
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