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Would that be Google Glasses?
I like the look of the Galaxy S4 - and the size of the screen- just not sure I want to jump ship to the world of Android!
Definitely, the big news with the iPhone 5s was Apple begin first to have a product with a 64-bit ARM in it - especially when you consider how long nVidia has been working on their Project Denver - a really impressive achievement What pisses me off though, is how Apple haven't got a 5" screen iPhone yet... - personally, I am loath to upgrade my aging iPhone 3GS to a 5s with the 4" screen - my aging eyes really need a bigger screen... Anyway, that's a different argument,...
I spotted a problem with the isle of Skye being shown as being 100 miles away on the mainland GB - it got fixed yesterday - but the town of Uig was equally misplaced - will be interesting to see how long it takes to fix   I've done perhaps about 10 reports up & down the UK - misplaced towns, not existent towns, unknown businesses, park land where there should be built-up areas - all the usual stuff   It's incredible just how bad the underlying data...
As long as it's rectangular in shape with curved edges, that's all that matters
Borrowing a phrase from Apple's chief executive Tim Cook, Myhrvold said, "it's wrong for companies to sign their name to paintings they didn't paint."   - that would be copyright infringement - which I am sure Cook & Myhrvold know is a separate issue from patents
iPod Touch 32G: $299iPad 32G: $599That's a massive gap - 2x - so what would a 7" 32G iPod Touch HD cost.... $449?- with these ratios it's not hard to envisage a 16G iPod Touch HD @$399, or even $349
Yes, I 100% agree- there's huge gap between the 3.5" devices & the 9.7" iPad which RIM, Samsung are trying to exploit- it could be done at a substantially lower price point, and would be great for all of those uses where the large format of the iPad is over-kill.- since SJ has said that Apple will never do an iPad this size, and doesn't make sense not to have a device at this size, then Apple would need to define it as Touch Maxi, or Touch HD or whatever. Or just admit...
He meant "2011 - year of the iPad too" "2011 - year of the 2 iPads"
Actually most things in the modern world were invented by Scotsmen- Television, Radar, decent roads, Steam Engine, Anesthetics, Bicycle, Inflatable tyres, Telephone, Penicillin, economics, Refrigerators, even the US Navy!Of course, the English invented a few things too, such as the Sandwich(and gravity)(and Black Holes)(and Tanks)(and the Jet Engine)As for computers, Alan Turing?
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