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If they packed this up as the new Video iPod, that would be cool! i.e. wireless streaming of video to your touch-screen, wide-screen, hand-held launched the same day as Zune - that would be even better!
Is it still ok to enter the wild speculation & prediction debate? Here's my wild prediction: With iMac upgraded to Mermon C2D, the MBP looks terribly unattractive & dated - so this will get the C2D treatment real soon now - comparing it's prices, even with the upgrade, it's still wildly overpriced - just compare a 17" iMac with a 17" MBP (which internally must be nearly the same) - even allowing for the nice metal box, this doesn't seem like good value - so the MBP must...
Double post
All 3 iPod products are looking decidedly long in the tooth, and long overdue for a refresh - I think Apple have really stretched this too far for a consumer product range - they should have a 6 monthly refresh cycle, with major revisions every year - otherwise they just allow in competitors - like SanDisk
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