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Obviously, since they require OpenGL ES2.0, they are targetting the 3rd generation iPhone & Touch, and beyond - these not only have OpenGL ES2.0, and faster graphics, but also twice the RAM of the 1st & 2nd gen versions - so they should be able to offer much better graphics than current engines (even if they were only demo'ing as UT 1999 level)
Ah, you mean all-in-ones - yes - Apple didn't invent the all-in-one Apple's 1st all-in-one was the Lisa in 1983 (I think), and the 1st Mac in 1984. - good but not 1st - but the thing about the Lisa & Mac was the GUI & WIMP concept - gifted to Steve Jobs by a foolish Xerox - but Apple certainly were the 1st to develop that concept into a usable system.
Apple I? You mean Apple II? - anyway, according to Wikipedia the Apple II shipped before the Commordore PET - the PET was a great machine though, but the keyboard was rubbish - the Apple II was in a different league though - bit-mapped colour graphics!
To be fair, they got their act together for a second go 50 mins laterhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q_gkL...response_watch - so obviously it was some problem with the touchscreen...
No, I think Schiller is exactly right- the best way for Apple to treat the Windows 7 launch is to treat it as an opertunity- it will create 'churn'- people who have been holding back waiting for Win7 could also now look at the Mac as an alternative- so Apple is just treating every new PC buyer as a potential Mac buyer- coming after their best Q yet for Mac sales, and just after launchg the new Macs, I think it makes perfect sense...
See what happens if you let Microsoft make the food...!http://www.burgerkingjapan.co.jp/news/win7.phphttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kCHhW...layer_embeddedDid someone mention 'bloat'?!
I know!
It's good that the GPU is on a Module - Apple should be able to provide more higher spec'd GPUs when they're available on the module format - difficult for a user to upgrade though!
There seems to be a real interest here in something between the Mini & the Mac Pro - the iMac - a great consumer machine, but not that great for more demanding tasks - the Mac Pro - too expensive for all but the most affluent graphics designer - the Mini - just not powerful enough for anything other than emails & watching dvds (ok, and doing some light server tasks) - hmmm, what could the answer be?
Yes, but that doesn't invalidate the other guy's opinionIt just means that different folk want different things...
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