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I've certainly had the first two, but maybe not the third - anyway, nice to get the fixes!
I must admit, I haven't check the exact figures for the most recent Quarterly results, but, about a year ago, then the Global Market was 50:50 Laptop : Desktop, Apple was about 60:40 Laptop : Desktop- I would argue that this meant that if Apples Desktops were as appealing as their Laptops, then they would be able to sell 50% more desktops.So I think this bears out my personal feeling that the Apple Desktop range is not as strong, or appealling as its Laptop range.But there...
Personally, I'm not advocating Desktop parts in iMacs, I'm advocating current Intel Desktop parts in a desktop, with enough space for a decent graphics card.I think the Apple Laptop Marketshare Growth vs Desktop Marketshare growth arguement is back-to-front- the laptop marketshare growth is mainly because Apple has a decent laptop lineup, coupled with iPod/iPhone halo effects etc- the reason the Desktop Market share isn't doing as well as the Laptop Market share is because...
I doubt they will - too much power... But, anyway, what Apple should do is revamp the MacMini - Mac Pro line with a Single CPU Core i7 / i5 model that can take a decent graphics card - I'd get one if they did that - as it is, the iMac just doesn't do it for me, unfortunately.
MS have been keen on the Tablet PC for ages - Gates himself has said he believes it is a good thing, which is probably why MS have put so much effort into it already - they're not common in the real-world, but Sky News seem to use them all the time, so at least someone thinks they're good.
One of these days Steve Balmer will wake up & realise just how much money J Allard has cost him!!
Shame they can't sell Word anymore!
Yeah - I'd say those black market prices are out by a factor of 10x - the blackmarket price is hardly likely to be lower than the normal RRP
Would be nice to be the guy that picks up the commission on *that* deal!
Can they come up with a fix for the bothersome, extra-loud clicking noise from the Touchpad?
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