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LoL!If you were a Windows user you would know that if a software upgrade worked, then don't F* with it!- leave well alone, thank your lucky stars, give thanks to Allah etc.- I guess, being a Mac User, you thought 'It worked, and was so much fun, I'll do it again in a different way, just to see if that is as much fun as well'!- but you are right - it *should* have been ok - afterall it's just installing 10.5.8 on 10.5.8- but this must be a combination that Apple forgot to...
The clicking sound from my Trackpad is so loud, it's making my ears bleed! - is this normal? (This feature wasn't effected by the upgrade!)
This is *bad*! I thought Macs were supposed to 'just work'! - not require intimate knowledge of Unix to do a system update I guess it comes down to the amount of testing that Apple put in to the upgrade process - even though the options & combinations in the Mac world are considerably less than the Windows world, it looks like Apple aren't testing enought before releasing. You would think that the upgrade process would do things like disable Time Machine before doing...
My God, I didn't know doing an update could be so traumatic! - well, I did the update, through Software Update - it seemed to work fine - no problems - and seems to have fixed the problems I was having with Airport. \\
Apple should have dropped Schmidt as soon as they heard of Android - it's an outrageous conflict of interest - the Chrome OS is a further encroachment by Google - so he had to go. I don't think the AT&T anti-trust case will worry Apple - it doesn't matter much to them if iPhones can be used for free voice-calls - but it matters to AT&T
Intentional? - with what intent?
I'm still waiting for o2 to connect me after 8 days of waiting! - perhaps I should leave it until after the weekend!
I've been waiting for 8 days for o2 to connect my iPhone - is this a record?!
You could be right - they could introduce the new ipods in September, which would sell well for xmas - a new product category introduced at the start of their peak season might confuse the customers - as most people would be trying to figure out what to do with it (myself included) - so a January infroduction might allow for a smoother, less disruptive introduction. BTW, anyone else think that 10" seems a little on the large side?
Whose servers is it going to use?
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