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Yeah, most of Charlie's anti-nVidia rants turn out to be completely untrue - time will tell if this is another one - it would seem a strange time to dump nVidia as they've just launched some interesting new 40nm parts - but nVidia may still be screwed if they can't work there way round the lack of chipset license.
Anandtech has thishttp://www.anandtech.com/gadgets/showdoc.aspx?i=3579 He believes the 3GS uses the SGX520, whereas the OMAP3 in the Pre uses the SGX530 - which means the Pre has a slightly better graphics core - both the 3GS & the OMAP3 use the Cortex-A8 CPU, so they should be very similar
Yes, I think you'll gradually see better looking games coming out for the 3GS (& next gen Touch), which will encourage people to move over to the new platform From Apple's point of view, they need to keep their platform uptodate & competitive (e.g. Zune HD & Pre) I think a significant upgrade every two years, and a minor one in-between is a sensible approach. Any news on how much SDRAM is in the new iPhone - are the rumours of 2x RAM true? - this would certainly help with...
The PowerVR tiled architecture saves on back-end pixel rendering - by only rendering the pixels that are actually visible - so there's almost no over-draw required However, it doesn't save on the polygon requirement since all the poly's need to be transformed before the tile happens - i.e. it transforms all the poly's, allocates the transformed polys to tiles, renders each tile, then outputs the results.
It's going to be based on the nVidia Tegra, right? http://www.nvidia.com/object/product_tegra_apx_us.html This means it's going to be pretty good graphically, and have good video playback capability, and good battery life.. - could be a reasonably good product - of course the next gen iPhone & iTouch will also have better graphics & video capability - so they should end up fairly close, hardware-wise at least. Apple will still win on software & coolness...
Well, maybe things will change.... http://www.reuters.com/article/marke...43504920090325 (from Fudzilla) I'm not sure what reforms are being proposed - anyone know? And where is Apple? \
AI should at least post links to the patents concerned so that we can see what the patents actually claim, and when they were filed etc
eh? From claim 1 of the patent: "said display has dimensions such that one page of a book can be displayed at a normal size" - this implies a book-sized screen, right? Anyway, as I said, the iPhone doesn't have a book-sized screen, so Claim 1 doesn't apply...
As others have said, this falls over at claim 1 - the iPhone doesn't have a book-sized screen (which the 'inventors' think is important to the 'invention', or they wouldn't mention it in claim 1)
i think the Beatles need iTunes more than iTunes needs the Beatles - the Beatles are missing out on a whole new audience that could discover the music - but if it's not available in a modern, convenient form, then I think it's going to get forgotten about.
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