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R & R Investment - I could do with some of that!
Yes, I thought the reason Apple went for this strange accounting method was to somehow disguise how well the iPhone was doing, and also disguise how much money they made from each phone - when they first launched the iphone, they were very careful not to divulge how much of a kick-back they were getting from AT & T - perhaps they're not worried about it any more, since the iphone is available subscription-free in several countries. Also, as you say, they may have been...
I hope they announce an Atom-based Netbook - I'd buy one! Also, if they announced a Nahalem-based Single-Socket Desktop, I'd buy that (after Nahalem is actually released, obviously)
Very biblical!!
I think it's good for Apple to have a bit of competition - overall, it's not as neat or complete as the iPhone, but Android does have some nice touches - like the homescreen seems more interesting, and customisable - I find the iPhone home screen just a bland-grid, and no background screen is lame. - plus the little things like copy & paste, or the 3.1M camera are good. - but the lack of multi-touch means that they have to have those retro on-screen zoom buttons - and...
tum, te tum
Thanks! I'd say some of the Tdaily review makes sense (from the point of view of what M$'s message is, not necessarily the truthyness of the message) - given that the advert is undoubtedly the expensive product of some very bright minds - and important enough to warrant Bill G himself appearing (the 1st time ever in an ad?) - and important enough to be the 1st item up on the M$ web-site It's obviously intended to get people talking about it, and speculating about it's...
Actually, it looks like they've given up on Vista, and are promoting 'the future'.
See this site for an interesting analysis of the ad: http://www.tgdaily.com/html_tmp/cont...39294-118.html Basically, the family Bill & Jerry are visiting is Apple - the grandma is Steve Jobs ("She's been here for 12 years!") - Apple is all about surface (Djon Mustard with Wine) - but the products aren't new underneath (same as yesterday with Cheese on) - there's basic stuff missing (no ketchup) - and there's chewing gum in the food... If you accept that then there are a...
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